Bendigo kids became a part of the action at the library during The Great Toy Contest

TOYS: Hayley Brown, Henry French and Lachlan Piper join in and become a part of the show. Picture: NONI HYETT
TOYS: Hayley Brown, Henry French and Lachlan Piper join in and become a part of the show. Picture: NONI HYETT

The Bendigo Library hosted The Great Toy Contest, an interactive show where kids are a part of the action.

The show’s story is about a playful contest between an array of toys that are competing to be the “greatest” in the world.

Carp Productions co-founder Caroline Smart said there are new and old toys portrayed within the production which include vintage wind-up toy soldiers, Angry Birds, Pokemon and teddy bears.

“All the toys get a bit uppity and they want to be the best,” Ms Smart said.

“The kids get to help decide, and they are a part of the show. They are the stars of all our different shows that we do.”

“Throughout the show the kids perform as rubber ducks, a jack-in-the-box, Ninja Turtles, dolls and they also use puppets.”

“There’s dancing and lots of music, everyone joins in because everybody loves toys,” Ms Smart laughed.

The Great Toy Contest

Throughout the show the audience saw comparisons between old and new toys, learned about the ways they move and the materials they’re made from as well as the different forces that give them motion.

The audience was also given the opportunity to be involved in the show without going up on stage by partaking in the dancing and singing elements of the production.

Ms Smart said the history of toys and how they work is a unit of work covered by schools for lower primary students, and Carp Productions base their shows around this idea to enhance classroom studies.

Carp Productions co-founder Philp Linsdell said The Great Toy Contest is one of fifteen shows the company performs.

Kate Graham brought her children Hamish, Harrison and Madden along to the show for some entertainment.

“It was really entertaining, I think the kids really, really loved it. They were very engaged,” she said.

“They were amazing and engaging performers and it was a really interesting history about toys.”

“You could sense that every child here wanted to be a part of the show and play a role in all of the different bits and pieces that were happening on stage.”

Leah Buckman brought her children Hunter and Chip along to the show.

“It was really good. The kids definitely enjoyed how interactive it was and they had the chance to participate in the show.” 

“I’m sure they will be talking about it for the next week non-stop,” she laughed.

“There was a lot going on…they kept bringing out more and more toys which was very impressive and excited all of the kids.”

“The Bendigo Library holds a really good range of shows and events.”