Tesla car charging station installed in Kennington Village carpark

For Tesla drivers in Bendigo, a trip to the supermarket or a stop at a cafe will also be a chance to recharge their car.

A pair of charging stations for the electric vehicle have been installed at shopping centre Kennington Village.

It is not the first location in the city to offer charging services; the City Centre Motel on Forrest Street was fitted out with the devices two years ago.

Manager Simon Wurf said the technology was “the way of the future and you’ll see them popping up everywhere”. 

“Yes, they're being used; yes, they're a good thing; yes, I wish I could afford one,” Mr Wurf said.

He said visitors who owned the state-of-the-art cars were drawn to Bendigo because they knew there were places for them to top up their batteries. 

The cars were cheap to power, he said, and could be at fully charged after just four hours plugged in at his motel.

Kennington Village is currently undergoing a $2.3 million expansion. 

The shopping centre management was contacted for comment.