National Gallery of Victoria's Kids on Tour program arrives in Bendigo

The National Gallery of Victoria's Kids on Tour program arrived at the La Trobe Art Institute with a flurry of colour and excitement.

La Trobe Art Institute public programs coordinator Dr Karen Annett-Thomas said it’s a fantastic opportunity for kids to immerse themselves in an environment where they can express themselves artistically without rules.

“In a contemporary art gallery it’s important to expose kids to different materials, things they wouldn’t normally pick up at home or activities that would be too messy,” Dr Annett-Thomas said.

“Its’s good to be able to come into an environment where parents can relax and kids can explore different methods of making things.”

All of the activities have been inspired by exhibitions at NGV, which include collage work, tree house drawing, portrait drawing and sculpting snails out of Play-Doh.

“It’s always a good sign of engagement when kids are telling narratives and stories around what they’ve made,” Dr Annett-Thomas said.