Runners to contest mile distance in Thursday Night series

THE longest race of the Flack Advisory Distance Series will be fought over the mile distance of 1600m at the Tom Flood Sports Centre on Thursday night.

Wil McCaig

Wil McCaig

Racing will be held in conjunction with the Bendigo District Cycling Club’s track competition.

The mile distance has traditionally favoured the seasoned back and middle-markers, but this could change with younger athletes such as Wil McCaig and Riley Osborne showing good form.

Teleah Hayes is another young runner to watch on Thursday night.

• Series leaders:

39 – Craig Green

38 – Issac Everett

37 – Gabrielle Rushbridge

36 – Ingrid Douglass

36 – George Flack

35 – Aaron Norton

33 – Greg Hilson

33 – Tim Sullivan

32 – Trevor Kelly

30 – Lachlan Perdon