Stolen vehicle linked to Huntly crime spree recovered near Wonthaggi

A vehicle stolen from a property connected to a 24-hour crime spree in Huntly has been recovered a long way from home – 308 kilometres to be exact. 

Chicken farmer Gary Kean had a utility stolen from his property about three months ago, but thieves returned in December, stealing tools and burgling a number of other properties in the suburb.

Mr Kean’s Ford Utility, bearing a couple of scratches, was discovered by police near Wonthaggi during a search on a property.

“We’re none the wiser as to how it got there,” said Mr Kean, who was surprised by the news.

“We thought it would have ended up burnt – they set fire to them usually.”

Huntly residents were left shaken after the brazen attacks in December, with one resident, Ron Price, saying at the time, “I thought I was tough, but when someone breaks into your house you get scared”.

Thieves entered Mr Price’s house, eventually stealing his car and valuable tools.

“It makes you think are they going to come back here again because they had a good time last time,” he said on Tuesday.

Wonthaggi police Leading Senior Constable Ann Barnes, from the Bass Coast family violence unit, said the vehicle was located during a search on a property for an unrelated matter, adding it wasn’t particularly unusual to find stolen property from across Victoria.