Eaglehawk Recycle Shop shop boxed in by record amount of Christmas cardboard

The Eaglehawk Recycle Shop is asking people to flatten their cardboard boxes as workers deal with a record influx post-Christmas.

Shop manager Peter Buck said they had received far more than usual for this time of year.

“Cardboard has completely filled one lane of the canopy where items are received and although it’s continually being baled, workers cannot keep up with the amount coming in,” he said.

“If residents were to flatten their cardboard boxes before they are brought to the centre this would help a great deal with the amount of room required to store prior to baling it.”

Mr Buck said some people also believed it was OK to leave cardboard boxes full of their rubbish.

“This is not OK. We cannot recycle rubbish. Like everyone else we have to pay landfill fees to get rid of it,” he said.

“The residents of Bendigo are very lucky to have a recycling centre with so few charges. Other shires put fees on all items dropped at their centres.

“So to keep our fees to a minimum we ask that the residents using the centre do the right thing, not only with the cardboard, but with all the products they drop off for recycling.”