Bendigo Pottery packed with tourists over holidays

EAGER hands shaped bowls and painted plates as locals and tourists whiled away their summer holidays at Bendigo Pottery.

Bendigo Pottery owner Sally Thomson said the tourist attraction was busier than usual during the holiday period.

“Surprisingly, between Christmas and New Year we have been much busier. Normally they are quieter days but it is busier than last year,” she said.

“The carpark has been full every day, so we have been really busy.

“January is also busy because locals are done with Christmas, have taken a breath and want to do things in their holidays. 

“It will be busy until the end of January and then families get ready for schools. At Easter it will pick up again.”

Creative types were eager to sign up for time on a pottery wheel or in the studio painting their own designs on to plates.

Ms Thomson said a lot of daytrippers had made the trek to Bendigo.

“We get a lot of Melbourne day trippers and this time a lot of Melbourne people have stayed more than one night,” Ms Thomson said.

“Families are spending more days here. Some families from interstate have met other families in Bendigo because it's central and there is so much to do here. That's why they love coming here.”

The paint a plate holiday program has proven popular with painting and pottery wheel sessions quickly booking out.

“People have wandered in hoping to have a go on the wheel but unfortunately you have to plan ahead,” Ms Thomson said.

“Wheel throwing is every day of the year but the decorating only goes for two weeks during the holidays.

“With the cafe it allows people to spend a lot of time here. People look at antiques, do some pottery and can spend half the day here.”

Decorating sessions at Bendigo Pottery will be held until January 12. 

Bendigo Pottery has been famous for creating high quality ceramics for more than 150 years.

Ms Thomas and her partner Rod have operated Bendigo Pottery since 1999.

They hope to incorporate some changes and introduce new activities and aspects to the tourist attraction later this year.

“We’re into our 19th year now and want to increase the range of activities that are more intermediate rather than an introduction session,” she said.

“There is another space we are looking at developing as well. We’re always ready to add the next step which is having more hands-on activities and are very much looking at future and expanding the roles the pottery has.”

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