Temperatures expected to top 40 degrees on first weekend of the year

The first weekend of the year looks set to be a hot one, with temperatures expected to surpass 40 degrees in Bendigo on Saturday.

After a relatively mild start to the week, the city can expect a top of 36 degrees on Friday, then 41 degrees on Saturday.

If Saturday’s forecast maximum comes to fruition, it will be the hottest day the city has experienced since February.

Echuca can expect to reach 42 degrees, Redesdale 41, Castlemaine 40, Maryborough 40, and Kyneton 39.

But the Bureau of Meteorology says there will be a late cool change come through on Saturday, which will see maximum temperatures fall by up to 19 degrees in some places in central Victoria on Sunday.

The weather will remain sunny, but a top of just 27 degrees is expected in Bendigo.

Elsewhere, a top of 31 degrees is expected in Echuca, 26 in Redesdale, 25 in Maryborough and Castlemaine, and 20 in Kyneton.

With heat speed restrictions in place on V/Line services when the temperature hits 36 degrees, it can be expected that there will be some delays on the trains on Friday and Saturday.

The CFA’s fire danger forecast for Friday is low-moderate risk in the Northern Country district, and high in the North Central and Central districts.

On hot days, people should drink plenty of water, stay somewhere cool, avoid going out during the hottest part of the day, check in with those more vulnerable, and wear light, loose-fitting clothing.

Heat-related illness symptoms include cramps, a rapid heart rate, nausea, vomiting, fainting, dizziness, headache, a pale complexion, and more seriously, seizure, stroke-like symptoms and unconsciousness.

Someone experiencing heat-related illness should drink cool water, rest in a cool place and wet skin with cool water or wet cloths. In an emergency, call triple zero.

Animals should also have access to plenty of cool, clean water and shade. If they appear to be suffering illness, they should be moved into shade, offered cool water, sprayed with or stood in water, and have increased air movement around them.