Immigration stats intriguing reading

A measure of how generous Australia's overall immigration program can be deduced from the following.

As of June 30, 2016, almost 30% of Australia's estimated resident population were born overseas (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

6.9 million people.

This statistic gives the lie to the claim that we are less than generous to those who wish to settle here.

There are few, if any, first world countries which would come "within coo-ee" of this percentage of their (resident) population.

Michael J. Gamble, Belmont

Treasurer’s performance queried

Who does the federal treasurer think we are?

Well, actually I know.

He thinks we are all Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook, mugs, yobos, believing in eccentric, fantasying oration.

And just for once can we leave religion out of the political conversation?

Maybe he should concentrate more on his day job, because he is not doing it all that well, as the following statistics show.

2015 budget -$6.9 billion, 2015 MYEFO -$14,2 billion, 2016 budget -$15.5 billion, 2016 MYEFO -$19.7 billion, 2017 budget -$21.4 billion, 2017 MYEFO $20.5 billion.

Debt $583 billion, heading into the stratosphere. Is there any chance, any chance at all, that we have a debt and deficit disaster on our hands?

The silence is deafening.

Maybe Mr Morrison's time could be better spent at the beach, and let someone who knows what they are doing take over the books.

Nope, no idea and no credibility.

Ken Price, Eaglehawk

Healthy living 

People who are being guided by spirit (listen to the reason) tend to live longer.

But this doesn't stop them making occasional mistakes and sometimes it is sheer luck that they survive.

Also their lives are under constant threat from people who don't care.

Individuals who eat and drink in moderation are likely to enjoy a better health and a smoother way of life.

But that doesn't make them immune to eating disorders and illnesses, which can become worse as they are getting old.

Many of the health problems are inherited and all people can do is try to lessen their effects by treating them in a best known way.

Jiri Kolenaty, Rushworth

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