Thousands without power after storm rips through Bendigo and central Victoria

UPDATE 4.50pm: Powercor has conceded that some customers may be without power until Thursday.

More than 1500 people are yet to be reconnected in the Bendigo region, and 487 in areas near Castlemaine.

In a statement, Powercor said it had responded to 90 wires down, 29 trees on wires and more than 500 individual jobs across the network.

“The extent of the damage means that some customers may be without power over night and through tomorrow,” the statement reads.

“As a result, restoration may take longer than usual and we apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

“We are endeavouring to keep restoration times up to date, however these may change as crews attend jobs and assess the damage.”

UPDATE 4.25pm: Powercor has pushed back the estimated restoration time to 7.30pm for most areas without power in the region.

The original restoration time was predicted to be 4pm, but the sheer amount of damaged infrastructure from last night’s storm means it could be some hours before power is restored.

It was good news for Maiden Gully however, where all properties now have their power back. Power has also been restored in Strathdale and Raywood.

Areas north of Bendigo, including Huntly and Bagshot, are still without power.

More than 200 residents of Lockwood and Lockwood South are also yet to have their power restored – the largest remaining outage in the state.

UPDATE 1.45pm: Close to 1500 properties remain without power throughout central Victoria as Powercor continues to respond to faults throughout the region caused by last night’s storms.

Malmsbury was one of the hardest towns hit by the power outages, with 458 properties without power.

In Bendigo, the suburbs of Huntly, Maiden Gully and Strathdale are still waiting for power to be returned.

Each location has an estimated return time of 4pm.

A full list of the remaining outages, and the number of properties affected, is below:

Axedale 8

Bagshot 14

Bagshot North 32

Bendigo 2

Bridgewater 3

California Gully 1

Campbells Forest 5

Dingee 175

Drummartin 23

East Bendigo 1

Elmore 6

Epsom 1

Faraday 54

Golden Square 71

Goornong 5

Harcourt 162

Harcourt North 38

Heathcote 19

Huntly 151

Huntly North 29

Ironbark 1

Junortoun 2

Kamarooka 50

Kamarooka North 12

Knowsley 2

Kyneton 25

Lockington 3

Lockwood 47

Lockwood South 217

Maiden Gully 95

Malmsbury 458

Marong 34

Mia Mia 13

Mitiamo 4

Neilborough 127

Pyramid Hil 2

Ravenswood 94

Raywood 180

Rochester 1

Sebastian 32

Serpentine 2

Shelbourne 5

Strathdale 86

Toolleen 2

Wedderburn 3

West Bendigo 11

White Hills 2

UPDATE 9.10am: Almost 1000 homes in Bendigo and surrounding areas remain without power this morning after storms swept across the region on Tuesday evening.

More than 550 properties in Lockwood and Lockwood South are without power after trees fell across powerlines on Bendigo-Maldon Road, and lightning caused an outage stemming from McGlashans Road.

A fault on the Calder Highway at Maiden Gully has also left hundreds without power west of Bendigo, including in Bridgewater and Leichardt.

The cause of outages in Bendigo’s eastern suburbs is from a faults on Heinz Street and Powells Avenue. In Golden Square, the fault is from an issue on Marong Road.

A fault on the Midland Highway in Goornong has caused outages for areas in Huntly and to the north.

A spokesperson for Powercor estimates the properties could be without power until the afternoon as crews busily try to repair all faults.

Outages include:

  • Lockwood South – 281 properties
  • Lockwood – 250
  • Strathdale – 80
  • Maiden Gully – 92
  • White Hills – 53
  • Huntly – 150
  • Huntly North – 29
  • Newbridge – 161
  • Golden Square – 71
  • East Bendigo – 30
  • West Bendigo – 11
  • Ascot – 5
  • Heathcote – 19
  • Bagshot – 14
  • Sebastian – 32
  • Campbells Forest – 5
  • Bridgewater – 46
  • Leichardt – 48
  • Derby – 25
  • Laanecoorie – 4

All of the outages have an estimated restoration time of 4pm Wednesday.

UPDATE 8.45pm: About 11,500 homes in Bendigo are still without power following the storms.

But the good news is the wild weather is behind us – according to the Bureau of Meteorology, Bendigo has most likely seen the last of the storms for this evening.

Peak wind gusts of 111km/h were recorded at the airport during the storm and about 8mm of rain fell in Bendigo.

A spokesperson for Powercor said it was difficult to provide an estimated restoration time for customers, given the level of damage.

Across the state, power has been cut to 105,000 homes and State Emergency Service crews are responding to 750 callouts.

EARLIER: Thousands of people are without power after thunderstorms tore through central Victoria.

Big outages in Golden Square, Quarry Hill, North Bendigo and Junortoun are affecting homes in almost every suburb across the city.

Faults are under investigation by Powercor, which is estimating to have power restored by 10pm.

A spokesperson for the company said it would take some time for crews to work through all the jobs.

“Bendigo has been significantly hit,” she said.

“We do have crews working to restore power to people in these challenging conditions.”

Across the state, more than 63,000 homes are without power.

Any downed power lines should be reported to Powercor on 13 24 12 and people should steer clear.

Power outages are affecting thousands of homes across the state. Source:

Power outages are affecting thousands of homes across the state. Source:

SMS updates will be sent to customers on Powercor’s database, or people can stay informed online at 

A severe weather warning remains in place for the region, forecasting severe thunderstorms likely to produce damaging winds, heavy rainfall that may lead to flash-flooding and large hailstones over the next several hours.

The State Emergency Service advises that people should: 

  • * Move vehicles under cover or away from trees. 
  • * Secure or put away loose items around your house, yard and balcony. 
  • * Keep clear of fallen power lines. 
  • * Keep clear of creeks and storm drains. 
  • * Don't drive, ride or walk through flood water. 
  • * Be aware that in fire affected areas, rainfall run-off into waterways may contain debris such as ash, soil, trees and rocks. 
  • * Be alert that in areas recently affected by fires, heavy rainfall increases the potential for landslides and debris across roads. 
  • * Stay indoors if possible. 
  • * Avoid using the phone during the storm. 
  • * If you are outside, avoid sheltering under trees 
  • * Listen to the radio for storm updates 
  • * Switch off your computer and electrical appliances