Frivolous seaside fashions

Sunglasses, $240. There’s no reason you can’t look cool while you protect your peepers.

Southwest rustic cowboy hat from San Francisco Hat Co., $179. Live by the “slip slop slap” mantra? Hats off to you.

Issey chambray wrap playsuit, $30. Pack something casual and comfortable to throw over your cossie.

Pitt slides, $79.95. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of bling on the beach.

Sensitive sunscreen lotion, $24.95. Look for a non-greasy formula that’s SPF50+.

SolSmart umbrella, $29.98. Another effective form of sun protection, not to mention a handy way of identifying your spot on the sand.

Boy's boardshorts, $49.95. Unless you’re training for next year’s Commonwealth Games, boardies are your best bet for comfort in the water.

Little Feet round beach towel, $17.99,; Beach Bella round towel, $84.95, Rectangular beach towels are a dime a dozen, round versions have an added novelty factor.

Crinkle thick strap swimsuit, $49.95. Now’s the time to pair peachy tones with pale blue. Let the beach be your catwalk and accessorise these bathers with cool blue accessories.

Adventuridge beach recliner chair $19.99 (while stocks last). A lightweight seat to save your tush from the hot sand.

Super lip balm, $15. Make sure you have a moisturising lip balm on hand to soothe dry cracked lips.

Beco travel bowl, from $9.99 (small). The perfect accessory for a pooch on the go, the travel bowl collapses, so it's quick and easy to carry.

SAKitToMe bag, $10.99. This compact bags is great for the beach, keep it in your car to carry all your swimming bits and bobs.

Inflatable floating game, $39.95. Pack something to play in the shallows, or bring a game to play on the sand.