Bendigo students receive ATAR scores

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After countless weeks of hard work, study and dedication, VCE students receive their ATAR results today.

Results were available from 7am with ATAR scores viewed 77,599 times in the first 60 minutes.

Students opted for the internet to receive the news with 37,988 using the website (, 26,481 checking the VCE results and ATAR mobile app and 15,340 logging on through a mobile website.

Students who have applied for tertiary study through VTAC and paid their application processing fee will also receive their ATAR statement by mail from Monday, December 18.

VTAC director Catherine Wills said having a variety of ways for student to access their results was exciting.

“VTAC are thrilled to provide students with a variety of platforms and wide choice of options for accessing ATARs and VCE results,” she said.

“The key to getting the most out of these choices will be making sure they don’t leave downloading the apps until the last minute, and have current log in details on hand from 7am on Friday.”

Students applying for undergraduate courses and graduate entry courses will receive first round offers on January 16.

Graduate-entry teaching courses round one offers will come out on January 10.

Girton Grammar’s dux achieves perfect score

Alexander Nielsen is Girton Grammar College dux this year with a perfect score of 99.95.

Nielsen was one of five Girton students to score above 99 with Alexander O’Shea (99.55), Jake Fletcher (99.55), Milos Babovic (99.35) and Hritik John (99.25) all posting outstanding scores.

With a median score of 83, Girton had 55 per cent of its students score in the top 20 per cent of the state.

Girton Grammar dux Alexander Nielsen.

Girton Grammar dux Alexander Nielsen.

Two Girton students scored perfect scores of 50 in individual subjects – Alexander Nielsen for French and Jarrod Slot in systems engineering.

Girton Grammar headmaster Matthew Maruff said he was immensely proud of the entire group of year 12 graduates.

“This group of students has supported one another and created an environment of optimism and discipline that has served them well,” he said.

“They have become a very close group who have struck a healthy balance between enjoying their final year at school and being accountable for their own academic output.”

“Our teachers and parents also need to be acknowledged in these excellent VCE results. They have instilled belief in the students and provided feedback and care along the way.”

Echuca College dux plans to study medicine

Kelly Gould will be able to follow her dreams of studying medicine.

The Echuca College dux scored 97.5 on her ATAR.

Echuca College dux Kelly Gould.

Echuca College dux Kelly Gould.

Catholic College Bendigo scores high results

Jessica McCarthy is Catholic College Bendigo’s dux for 2018 with a score of 98.55.

The Dux Proximus is Imogen Sexton with an ATAR of 97.95, followed by Lillian Maher with an ATAR of 97.9.

CCB principal Brian Turner said students at CCB have scored outstanding collective and individual performances in both the VCE and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) studies.

Jessica McCathy, Imogen Sexton and Lilian Maher were CCB's top scorers.

Jessica McCathy, Imogen Sexton and Lilian Maher were CCB's top scorers.

Year 11 student Joshua Hamilton achieved a perfect study score of 50 in Further Mathematics.

“Congratulations to Jessica, Imogen and Lillian. They have shown great dedication with their strong work ethic and thoroughness in their approach to all subjects,” Mr Turner said. 

“While the focus is often on the high-achieving students, it is important to recognize the great work done by all students in Year 12.

“In our commitment to service in the Mercy tradition we believe that our results offer a range of pathways, and we celebrate not only the excellent results achieved by our VCE students, but also the students who completed their Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) with an outstanding pass rate.”

Careers guide: ATAR scores won’t run your life

CCB careers practitioner Ben Goode said ATAR scores are not the be all and end all for students.

“It is easy to be swept up in the juggernaut of the ATAR, thinking it is all important and will run the rest of your life. It will not,” he said.

“If you get the ATAR to get into your desired course, excellent. If not, there are numerous pathways through other courses at the same or other institutions.

“The most important thing is to take stock of the day, review your preferences and do not change them based on what you think you will get into, but rather what you want to get into.”

“Make sure you have a number of preferences and contact your school and the tertiary institutions for help and advice.”

Students have until December 20 to change their preferences.

Bendigo Senior Secondary College

RORY Day celebrated his ATAR score during his break at work.

The Bendigo Senior Secondary College dux scored 98.7 – well above the mid-80s score he was hoping for.

But work commitments meant Rory had to wait patiently to find out how well he had done.

 Bendigo Senior Secondary College dux Rory Day scored 98.7.

Bendigo Senior Secondary College dux Rory Day scored 98.7.

“I had the opportunity to check it this morning but I thought I would let it sink in during the shift and check it at the end of the day,” he said.

“It stressed me out a bit but I knew there was nothing I could do to change it. All I needed was about 85, so this is just great.

“I haven’t got a secret. You just have to find motivation and time to to study.”

Victory Christian College dux blitzes target score

Sarah Barker is Victory Christian College’s dux with a score of 96.6.

The 18-year-old got up at 6.30am to find out her score as soon as possible.

“It was quite a surprise, I was happy I had done well and done my best,” she said.

Victory Christian College dux Sarah Barker - score 96.6.

Victory Christian College dux Sarah Barker - score 96.6.

Sarah’s VCE subjects included English, further maths, psychology, sociology, studio arts and health and human development.

“I’m planning on studying education and needed a 60 ATAR score for that. Getting 96 was very surprising,” Sarah said.

“I really love working with kids and am passionate about inspiring a younger generation.”

Sarah said 26 year 12 students make up VCC’s 2018 graduation calss.

“We are quite a close, small group but I haven't heard any scores from my fiends in the year yet,” she said.

High result for Moama Anglican Grammar dux

Lachlan Chumbley is Moama Anglican Grammar’s 2018 dux.

He score an ATAR of 97.8 achieving Band 6 (above 90% HSC) in Chemistry,  Economics and Mathematics Extension 1. 

Lachlan Chumbley, Moama Anglican Grammar dux.

Lachlan Chumbley, Moama Anglican Grammar dux.

Joint dux for East Loddon P-12 College

Dana Bish of Dingee and Nakeya Mountjoy of Bears Lagoon scored the same result on the ATAR this year to be joint dux at East Loddon P-12.

With a strong passion for education and working with children, Dana has already been accepted into La Trobe University Bendigo to study Bachelor of Education: Primary.

Nakeya is currently considering her options between a Bachelor of Education Primary or Secondary and a Bachelor of Health Sciences or Medical Imagery.

Dana Bish (left) and Nekeya Mountjoy (right) were named joint dux at East Loddon P-12

Dana Bish (left) and Nekeya Mountjoy (right) were named joint dux at East Loddon P-12

Year 11 student Ethan Lewis of Serpentine scored the highest study score in East Loddon P-12’s history when he scored 49 out of a possible 50 in Computing and Software Development.

Kyneton Secondary students have big plans

Students at Kyneton Secondary College are planning to study science in Melbourne.

College dux Tom Bennett scored 99.3 and wants to go to Melbourne University to study science.

“I live on a farm, so it can be hard to study at times but I perservered and succeeded,” he said.

Janelle Spinks is also hoping to to study science at Melbourne University with her score of 93.5.

“I worked pretty hard. I postponed a lot of social occasions so that I could study,” she said.

Proud effort for Rochester Secondary College dux 

Ben Briggs is the Rochester Secondary College dux with a score of 93.6.

“I’m definitely proud of Ben’s effort,” Rochester Secondary principal Bernie Altmann said.

“He’s a fine young man who has worked very hard and deserves every accolade.”