Bendigo Special Developmental School celebrates International Day of People with Disability 2017

THE central play area at Bendigo Special Developmental School was alive with activities on Wednesday afternoon.

Staff, students and community members gathered to celebrate International Day of People with Disability with carnival-themed festivities. 

Face painting, a jumping castle, coloured hairspray, a photo booth, a bubble play area and water play were among the activities available to the schools’ more than 130 students.

Children seized the opportunity to race toy cars around a circuit with a difference.

Each of the vehicles was powered by an exercise bicycle. 

Members of the parent club provided a spot of pampering with nail painting, while others helped distribute treats such as snow cones.

The Kiwanis Club of Bendigo provided a barbecue lunch.

Bendigo Special Developmental School’s celebrations started with a circus-themed performance by later years students, led by the Connected Circus.

Organiser and leading teacher Angie Kloft said the event was an opportunity to promote inclusion and celebrate the achievements of people with disability.

The celebrations came three days after International Day of People With Disability, on December 3.