Fielding at short leg not for the faint hearted… just ask Jake Klemm

Jake Klemn

Jake Klemn

FIELDING at short leg certainly isn’t for the faint hearted as Kangaroo Flat’s Jake Klemm discovered on Saturday.

In one of the BDCA’s more bizarre dismissals, Klemm caught Bendigo United opener Mark Di Fede without using his hands at Harry Trott Oval.

Di Fede flicked the ball to the leg side, only for it to lodge into the grill of Klemm, who under new laws introduced into the BDCA was wearing a helmet as he was within seven metres of the batsman.

With the ball stuck in Klemm’s grill, Di Fede was given out caught for one.

However, the ball also broke Klemm’s nose. He was taken to Bendigo Hospital before later returning to watch his team-mates rip through the young Redbacks’ line-up.

Under the new rules – which are sanctioned by the ICC to improve safety in the game –  “a batsman can be caught, run-out, or stumped even if the ball makes contact with a helmet worn by the fielder or wicket-keeper.”

The rules also include all wicket-keepers wearing a helmet with a faceguard while keeping at the stumps, and all batsmen when facing a fast or medium-pace bowler must wear a helmet.

A photo taken on the way to hospital showed the impact of the ball on Klemm’s bloodied nose.