Y Services Club of Bendigo's Christmas tree sale kicks off on Saturday at 9am

THE Y Services Club of Bendigo will brave the weather tomorrow and try to spread some Christmas cheer.

Almost 200 real Christmas trees were transported to the YMCA in Mundy Street to be sold to raise funds for the Y Services Club.

Funds raised will then be used to support local charities and organisations.

Co-ordinator Ken Morrison said the Y Services Club team will be selling the authentic trees for the next three weekends.

“I have been doing this for 25 years, but there are members been doing it longer than I have,” he said.

“We started selling them in 1954, so we are well past out 60th year. People buy them is because they are the real thing. I think they're renewable too because they can be used for good mulch on the garden.”

Mr Morrison hopes to sell more than 500 trees over the three weekends.

“We have two more weekends after this and if we sell 500 trees I’ll be a happy boy.”

Christmas trees will be on sale from 9am at the YMCA in Mundy Street.