Maiden Gully Primary School inventors get creative

Grade six students have put their creativity and science skills to the test, designing inventions aimed at addressing real-world problems.

The Maiden Gully Primary School students held an Inventors’ Expo this week, showing off their creations.

The inventions ranged from shoes that looked like lace-ups but in fact had hidden velcro, to make them easier to put on, to an automated system to direct headers during harvest time.

Other inventions included a solar phone charger, a system to keep cats entertained while their owners were out, and a basketball that would not go flat.

Amalee Bragg was the student behind the ‘Kitty Entertainer’.

She said her cat, when bored, liked to “get into trouble”, so that inspired her invention.

“It’s really useful when you’re not home and you’ve got a really cheeky cat,” Amalee said.

Teacher Kylie Freer said the project was part of a learning approach at the school to encourage creativity and collaboration, and give them different learning environments.

The project was focused on science, technology, maths and engineering.

The students made their inventions at home with the assistance of family members, many of whom went to the school on Thursday to see the various inventions.

“I think it’s just a really nice example of how schools and families work together and share learning,” Mrs Freer said.