Victory Christian College students work on Third World projects instead of partying at schoolies

Twelve year 12 leavers from Victory Christian College have chosen to volunteer in India rather than party at schoolies on the Gold Coast.

The students along with three college staff members will spend 10 days between New Delhi and Kolkata visiting lending support to four charitable projects in the cities.

VCC students will work with Vision Rescue on an informal school bus that visits three slum communities where children attend an informal school and provided with a meal.

Vision Rescue teaches children aged between 3 and 14 years in subjects areas such as English, maths, Hindi, art and craft, drawing and moral science.

VCC students will present songs, stories, basic English classes or other interesting topics.

Students will also work with EduCare in a community room in Kolkata teaching subjects similar to Vision Rescue.

In their final volunteer project, VCC students will work with the Freedom Centre to help teach young Indians basic English, computer and interpersonal skills.

The Freedom Centre which aims to develop and prepare young people by shaping their character, and developing skills to help them secure employment and become self-sufficient.