The green Grand Prix race is on to find the answer to green energy for vehicles.

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Like those who train their horses for the Melbourne Cup, the teams supporting the world record attempts at the RACV Energy Breakthrough are hardened professionals. Held in Maryborough annually, the teams focus on fitness, nutrition and presentation, priming the entrants to peak condition.

IT'S a huge four days with students, teachers, parents and industry all working together for the 'breakthrough' to design and construct a vehicle, machine or new technological idea that will represent an 'energy breakthrough'.

The event's participants are on the cutting edge of innovation!

Visiting teams come from all over Australia and internationally, with participants having travelled from England, Norway, USA and Italy to attend and to size up their competition.

Categories include innovations in technology, human powered vehicles, try-athlon, pushcarts/billycarts and energy efficient vehicles. With only a few recumbent cycling events in the world, it is unique.

For the past 25 years Maryborough locals have supported the event, with more than 600 volunteers, including sporting clubs and service organisations on-board to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

One of the local participants is Creek Street Christian College’s Human Powered Vehicle. Their program began back in 2010 with the purchase and development of a second-hand vehicle.

“The satisfaction and knowledge gained in this first year of HPV competition drove us to continue in the sport,” CSCC HPV team manager, James Dunstan says.

“Since then we have built three more vehicles, two of which were completely our own unique and successful design.

“We have competed strongly in all events including winning every race in our category that we have entered at Casey Fields and winning Maryborough outright in 2013 in the B1 and B2 category.

“Our time spent competing in the sport has given us a great depth of knowledge regarding vehicle development, racing tactics and enjoyment in the spirit of competition.

“This year we purchased a new vehicle, which is the fifth vehicle used in our program to compete in Vic Series events and of course the RACV Energy Breakthrough.

“This vehicle is named ‘White Line Fever’ and has proven to be stable, reliable and quick in the three Vic Series races that we have entered this year, winning all three.

*** These schools have teams competing over the weekend and have sponsored the feature in the Bendigo Advertiser with their stories and pictures.

Bendigo Senior Secondary College -

Weeroona College Bendigo -

Catholic College Bendigo -

Creek Street Christian College -

Girton Grammar School -

Holmesglen Institute -

Maryborough Education Centre -

“Our team members have been in training throughout the year, especially in term four as we prepare for the 24-hour trial at the RACV Energy Breakthrough.

“Many of the students in our team have at least one or two years’ experience in HPV racing and this will serve them well during the challenges of this event.

“The RACV Energy Breakthrough itself is a school based event, and comprises of presentations to judges as well as HPV racing.

“Our team members have been developing a unique style of presentation for the judges, and will include aspects of community involvement with local industry, understanding of current environmental issues and how the team has worked together to develop our vehicle, coordinate fundraising and explain various aspects of the training.”