FunFlight Bendigo takes 100 children and their families on 15-minute flight

Around 100 children and their families were taken on a flight around Bendigo over the weekend as part of a national event.

FunFlight, in its tenth year, chooses children who have been affected by some kind of adversity in their lives. 

Bendigo co-ordinator Adrian Basile said it was a truly special day for all involved.

This year the Rotary Club of Strathdale supported Bendigo Aero Pilots on the day.

The passengers were taken on a 15-minute flight.

Around 1500 children and their carers or family members flew in a light aircraft this year, as well as being treated to lunch and a range of different activities and entertainment at airfields across the country.

FunFlight founder Michel Verheem said: “Ten years and an enormous amount of work from many volunteers around the country.”

“All these people coming together, putting up their hand and volunteering for their community is what has allowed FunFlight to reach our 10,000th passenger up in the air this year.

“I am enormously proud of what all these people have created, of what difference we have made in the lives of the kids and their families.”