Bendigo Film Making Club to be established

A FILM making club is to be established in Bendigo, with hopes to make the city and its surrounds more often seen on the silver screen.

The Bendigo Film Making Club also aims to foster the talents of people interested in making films, from acting to film editing.

A formative project is already in production – a short film called The Pickup, following the comedic misadventures of three blundering TV repairmen.

The club’s founding members aspire to start producing their first feature film next year.

A production company, Bancroft Pictures, has been established to help achieve that goal.

Bendigo resident Phil Beer is among those championing the Bendigo Film Making Club.

For years, he has questioned why the region does not feature more in TV shows and feature films.

“A lot of stuff should have been shot in Bendigo,” Mr Beer said. 

As the club’s founding president, he was hopeful building skills, structures and networks within the region would help boost its appeal as a filming locale.

The club aims to host a series of workshops for people interested in film making.

Member, Cheryl Cadzow, said the sessions would be suitable for people with a range of skills and experience.

Creating a YouTube channel was among the proposed workshop topics.

Club secretary Noel Paech believed Bendigo had the potential to become a ‘little Hollywood’, and to host its own film festival.

But the club will need community and financial backing to achieve its goals –  two key ingredients members are working to attain.

More than 100 people have expressed interest in the initiative via social media.

An information night is planned for tomorrow from 7.30pm at the Brian Boru Hotel.