'Miracle that nobody was killed': Dash-cam footage shows smash outside hospital

Extraordinary dash-cam footage of the moment a runaway car became airborne, drove over another car and ploughed into a hospital has emerged.

In a video posted online, a Ford sedan can be seen rolling down a hill, becoming airborne off a nature strip, driving over the top of a parked Corolla and smashing into a building across the road.

It flies across a road and narrowly misses a power pole, before landing and smashing into the side of the hospital.

The sequence was captured on incredible dash-cam footage between between Warringal Private Hospital and Austin Hospital in Heidelberg, north-east of the city's CBD, where Melbourne man Grant Fisher was visiting a friend on Thursday afternoon just after 5pm.

Ambulance Victoria confirmed the crash said and the driver, a man in his 90s, was treated for leg injuries.

It is believed the elderly man was at the hospital to visit his sick wife.

Mr Fisher heard an announcement about the crash and went outside to find his smashed white Corolla covered in tyre marks.

Despite the windscreen of his car being completely shattered in the crash, the front and rear camera footage was intact.

"The car can be replaced but I'm just glad that no one got hit," Mr Fisher told reporters on Friday.

"It was just a miracle that nobody was killed. He was conscious, he was in his car, he was sitting up, they hadn't removed him from the car they were just checking on him."

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