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All donors will be acknowledged

In response to Lana Osterfield’s letter to the editor on November 4, 2017.

The Sun Loong 750 Committee and Golden Dragon Museum has acknowledged the contribution from donors on the following website:

When the new Dragon arrives, all donors will be acknowledged (again) with an internal display near the dragon.

In regards to the Virgin and Sir Richard Branson sponsorship, Virgin Australia will be transporting the dragon and the regalia free of charge from Hong Kong to Australia.. We are very grateful for their donation and support.

I encourage those interested to go to the Golden Dragon Museum or Dai Gum Loong Facebook pages where you can view the promotional video produced by The Golden Dragon Museum on the launch of the Melbourne to Hong Kong flights with Virgin.

I am very pleased to say this video is now being shown when you fly Virgin on their Virgin inflight entertainment, and we would hope this brings tourists and visitors to Bendigo.

 Anita Jack, Sun Loong 750Committee Member

Lack of respect

Our PM says to hold an audit of citizenship would be denying the presumption of innocence and it would cost too much.

Yet when I try to open a bank account or obtain a passport I have to provide 100 points of identification.

By the PM’s argument is there not a presumption of guilt in such applications?

The rule of citizenship is defined by our most fundamental document for Australian democracy, the Constitution.

As to cost, is it not a simple email costing a fraction of a cent, correctly addressed of course?

Yet MPs and senators who are holding positions of power, influence and paid entitlements in excess of $200,000 by the public purse do not have to prove they are entitled to such positions.

The definition of lame is “an explanation or excuse, unconvincingly feeble”.

Our PM has indeed offered lame excuses and clearly shown a lack of respect to ensure our constitution is upheld, something he has sworn to do as PM. 

Gregory Clark, Woodend

Lighter roof more efficient

Why is it that so many new houses have black or dark coloured roofs? Is it driven by aesthetics or what?

Some years ago I had a detailed energy efficiency audit done on my home. One of the numerous recommendations was to paint the curved galvanized iron roof with a special reflective white paint.

Initially sceptical of the benefit I eventually decided to follow through on it.

To my surprise, an upstairs bedroom, that beforehand was stifling hot in mid summer, was appreciably cooler.

Rather than turning up the cooler another notch in summer to ward off the absorbed heat from that black roof, might it be more sensible to deflect that heat away with a lighter roof colour in the first instance, or apply a reflective paint, and save money.

Michael McKenzie, Strathdale

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