Check out Perth's best and most interesting buildings this weekend

Everybody loves a good sticky beak - especially Open House Perth founder and creative director, Carly Barrett - whose event will be held this weekend.

Sandgropers can become tourists in their own town by exploring some of Perth's most interesting examples of architecture, design and interiors.

The original Open House, which began in London 25 years ago and has since gone global, allows architecture and design enthusiasts to see their city in a different light.

"When you get to experience places that you don't get to normally experience, it's like being on holiday," Ms Barrett said. "You get a sense of discovery and inspiration that you normally wouldn't normally feel."

For Open House Perth's sixth year, there are more than 100 buildings and homes on show - 40 of which are new inclusions. She said the event gives the city a chance to show off its architectural diversity.

The Project 857 architect said although Perth lacks a distinct architectural style, the event challenges the myth that all Perth residents want are huge McMansions.

"While there is a market for them, because of the huge scale of Perth geographically, there is a fantastic finer grain of architecture that often gets missed," she said.

"You get the message across by showing people good design of various types, and allowing people to experience it for themselves."

This year, part of the event's focus is on homes on small blocks that maximise the potential of the space.

"One of the important things that we do is show people that it's not about the amount of space you have, but about the quality of the space," she said.

We asked Ms Barrett to pick five locations really worth checking out:

1. City of Perth Library, CBD

City of Perth Library.Photo: Frances Andrijich
2. State Buildings, CBD
State Buildings Exterior.

Photo: Angus Martin

3. Nature Inspired Eco-House, Perth

Nature Inspired Eco-House.

Photo: Dion Robeson

4. Madaschi by Iwan Iwanoff, Dianella

Madaschi by Iwan Iwanoff.

Photo: supplied

5. Elliot Road, Karrinyup

Elliot Road.

Photo: Jack Lovel

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