Bullet and death threat sent to Barnaby Joyce’s office

Barnaby Joyce. Photo: Andrew Meares
Barnaby Joyce. Photo: Andrew Meares

A BULLET and death threat was sent to Barnaby Joyce’s former electorate office earlier this week, police have confirmed.

A spokesman for Mr Joyce wouldn’t shed anymore light on the situation, other than to say “the matter was handled professionally by electorate office staff who have referred it to the relevant authority”.

The bullet was accompanied with a note regarding a range of environmental issues, including mining on the Liverpool Plains, and the $1 billion loan federal government wants to grant the Adani coal mine in Queensland.

“People always think these wonderful green lobbyists, they’re all so peaceful,” Mr Joyce told The Australian.

“Well, no. They’ve sent a bullet to my office, which apparently was supposed to go through my head and this is the sort of garbage we have to put up with.

“These people are not pacifists. They’re militant, they’re violent, they want to destroy our economy and they’re happy to threaten you, they want to kill you.”