Northern Folk eager to play at blues event

LOGISTICS: The Northern Folk have become very effiecient at transporting a 10-piece band to music festivals.
LOGISTICS: The Northern Folk have become very effiecient at transporting a 10-piece band to music festivals.

The logistics of organising and transporting a 10-person band is something The Northern Folk have mastered.

After a successful Bendigo Blues and Roots Music Festival debut in 2016, the 10-piece outfit was eager to return.

So they are packing up dozens of instruments – along with themselves – to play four sets in two days before heading to the Healesville Music Festival on Sunday.

“It’s such a beautiful idea for a festival – to transform the whole town into music venues,” band founder James Eggleston said.

“We have been doing festivals for a few years and never seen anything else like it.

“The town gets so into it, so we were disappointed we couldn’t do the whole weekend. That’s why we wanted to play as much as we can while we are there.”

The Northern Folk formed in Albury and played there for four years before relocating to Melbourne last year.

“We were already in Albury’s tight-knit music scene but playing in other bands or filling for each other’s bands,” Eggleston said.

“We committed to one band with six original members and went from there wanting to create a massive sound.

”Music is now our first priority. Everyone is very quick to make themselves available for shows.”

But with so many people committed to the band and eager to collaborate on song writing, Egglestone said there is no clear influence in the band’s sound.

“Quite a few of us write songs and collaborate in the songwriting, so it’s hard to pin down an influence,” he said.

“We’re kind of genre agnostic, there is no defined sound. When a song comes along, we let it go where it needs to go. We try and have fun with the big sound we have. You can only create that with that many artists. It takes some organising.”

Since their first performance in Bendigo, The Nothern Folk have made the trip to central Victoria multiple times.

“The second time we came back was to play at the Old Church on the Hill and we played a fundraiser in Castlemaine, a winemaker’s festival and the blues and roots festival fundraiser in February,” Eggleston said.

“We will also be back in February to play at the Old Church again.”

The Northern Folk will play at The Engine Room in View Street on Friday at 7pm, The Rifle Brigade on Friday at 10pm, in Rosalind Park on Saturday at 2.30pm and at Trades Hall on Saturday at 7pm.

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