Central Goldfields' campaign to keep children feeling loved and safe


When children feel loved and safe, there are a range of benefits: they are more confident, have better self-esteem, and are more resilient.

That is why throughout November, the Go Goldfields Children and Families Action Group in Central Goldfields Shire is reminding parents and carers to connect with their children.

Each day, tips on how parents and carers can make their children feel loved and safe will be shared on social media.

Some of the suggestions include asking your child to tell story, praising them for being brave or trying something new, and drawing a picture with them.

“We know that not all children in our community have the best start in life for a range of different reasons,” Central Goldfields Shire interim administrator Mark Davies said.

“Family violence data also suggests that we should be doing better to support our children. 

“Life can be busy and often it can get in the way of us spending one on one time with our children so it’s a reminder to all of us to take a moment every day to engage with them.”

To get involved, search for #lovedandsafe on social media.