Mercedes Corby makes awkward appearance on Studio 10

Mercedes Corby, the sister of convicted drug smuggler Schapelle, has marked her return to the media spotlight with an uncomfortable appearance on Ten's daytime show Studio 10.

Hyped as Corby's first interview since Schapelle's return to Australia in May after serving nine years in a Bali prison, the awkward segment might've left Ten's off-screen producers sweating.

After a series of nervy responses to questions on Schapelle's mental state and her current relationship status, host Sarah Harris was forced to call out Corby's evasive answers.

"You've been in the media spotlight for a long time but you seem daunted sitting here today?" she asked Corby.

"Yes!" Corby replied. "Normally it is like they [the media] are there and I'm thrown into it, I'm not prepared and it hasn't been planned.

"They get me and sometimes it is bad - slow, swinging handbag or yelling or helmet-swinging," she said about her infamous clashes with photographers, which she said made her look like "some crazy, handbag-swinging maniac".

She called the media circus that greeted Schapelle's return to Australia "fake news", and said journalists needed "somebody to be accountable to".

"I have met some really great journalists and they care about their jobs and their code of ethics, but then there's a lot who just - they want the story... I just think journalists should really have more of their code of ethics or have somebody to be accountable to. They are playing with peoples' lives," she said.

Asked if she could have survived Schapelle's ordeal, she answered: "Yeah. I would have survived. I probably would have slept most of the time away."

Corby, who sat in throughout the episode, was also asked her expert opinion on 'Cocaine' Cassie Sainsbury's saga.

"There's ones that you think are guilty and innocent, and ones that do it for a bit of extra cash - I don't understand," she said about Sainsbury's predicament.

"We're not from Africa, we're not feeding our whole families, we're not paying for generations of schools to make a bad choice - but I still feel for anybody imprisoned anywhere in the world."

She offered advice to Sainsbury's family to "stay strong".

"It is hard for the families. They just have to stay together, be there to support Cassie, keeping her up to date with the outside world and giving her something to be happy about when she is released," she said.

Corby also scoffed at rumours Schapelle was set to appear on Ten's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and the UK's Big Brother.

"It is her choice for now," she said about her sister's reluctance to re-enter the public spotlight.

"She's not ready. And she has broken her leg. I think hopefully one day it might be good for her to have her say. Until she's ready, which may never be, it is her decision."

She also sat in on segments discussing Donald Trump's calls for the death penalty for the Manhattan attacker ("He probably wants to be killed and he will be," Corby offered), Kevin Spacey's stint in rehab following his sexual harassment revelations ("I think it's a PR stunt"), and whether she's a cats or dogs person ("I don't like cats at all").

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