Hot air balloon flights available in Bendigo again | Photos, Videos

People can once again experience the sights of Bendigo from a bird’s eye view, with a company bringing hot air balloon flights back to the city.

BalloonMan chief pilot Chris Shorten said the company, which started in Melbourne in 2005, wanted to expand into regional areas and decided Bendigo was the place to do it.

He said people could travel for the experience, but they wanted to see their own city from the sky.

Mr Shorten said there had been two businesses that previously offered flights over the city, but they had not operated for about six years.

The company made its first flight over the city on Wednesday.

Flights are available any day of the week, so long as there are at least six people.

The Bendigo flights will be piloted by Paul Kavanagh, who comes from a hot air ballooning family: his father and brother own Australia’s only manufacturer of hot air balloons.

Mr Shorten said BalloonMan was ready to take bookings and had already received enquiries.