Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor

Smashing stereotypes

It’s an exciting time for women’s sport in Victoria. This year has brought so many incredible wins, including watching the Matildas dominate on the world stage, the first ever AFLW competition kick off and of course the skyrocketing demand for grassroots women’s sport leagues.

VicHealth is proud to build on this momentum with our new Active Women and Girls program announced recently. Our largest ever investment in women’s sport will provide $6.7 million in funding to further raise the profile of women’s sport and get more Victorian women and girls healthy and active.

From netball and cricket, to frisbee and lawn bowls – there will be a range of new sports programs local women can try out. It doesn’t matter how fit you are or how sweaty you get – the important thing is getting out there and giving it a go. That’s the message we want to send to Victorian women through our upcoming This Girl Can campaign, which will showcase real women, doing their thing and giving it a go. We know that women too often feel like they aren’t fit enough, strong enough, fast enough or wearing the right clothes to be physically active – I certainly feel this way at times. That’s why it is so important to have a range of sports on board to help women overcome the barriers that stop them getting active.

I encourage all women and girls who’d like to try out one of our new sports programs to register their interest at You don’t need to have played sport before to give it a go! We want to see women and girls smashing the stereotypes about what they can and can’t do by getting out there and playing the sports they love!

Jerril Rechter, CEO, VicHealth 

Remarks require comment

I cannot let the remarks of Natasha Joyce, (Opinion Bendigo Addy 18/10/17) pass without comment. As an example of monistic bigotry, your letter stands alone. How dare you suggest that councillors, or anyone else for that matter, are not entitled to hold a point of view which differs from your own. Then there is the veiled threat at the end, "The councillor voting intentions are on the record and will be remembered in the future". How utterly typical of the sort of tactics displayed by the yes lobby in this debate. Is it any wonder that the three councillors referred to were reticent to fully express their views.

You may be right about one thing however, future generations may well look back at this time as a period of shame, and I will guarantee that many of them will be members of the GLBTI community, who will be deeply shamed by the conduct of some of their number during this campaign.

Terry Richmond  Goornong

Stretching a bit far 

Everybody likes to have something to look forward to, but this is stretching the rubber band a bit far I reckon. So now Malcolm doesn't take any notice of our chief scientist, but instead industry chiefs who are looking after themselves as usual. Well I can’t wait to collect the 50 cents or two bucks, that is going to regenerate my bank balance between 2020-2030… if I am still here. More Bs from an incompetent government, totally clueless on what should be done. 60 negative polls, 39 Abbott, 21 Turnbull, and the next 9 should be up early next year. What happens then, an election, or do we keep going to achieve a record that the LNP will own for ever and a day? Hopeless on every count.

Ken Price, Eaglehawk