How the Bendigo Addy delivers news has changed, but at heart we are still the same

As your habits change, newspapers have had to keep up.  More-and-more, our readers want news as it happens, and at their fingertips.

Print is still important to us, but the majority of our readers now consume the day’s news before the paper even hits the press. We have had to make changes.

But at heart, we have not changed.

We are journalists. We believe in truth. In fairness, accountability and asking questions that need to be asked. We believe in accurate reporting, bringing the news to our readers to keep them informed. We believe in telling the good and the bad. We believe hard news and beautiful writing both still have a place.

We know our role as story-tellers comes with trust and privilege. It is a gift to tell someone’s story, to be trusted with the pieces of someone’s life and given the task to share that with others.

We are not counsellors, but are often exposed to stories that are truly hard to hear. We are not immune to pain. Nor are we scared to laugh, be silly and enjoy the journey of others who are willing to share.

We are human and often exposed to trauma to keep our audience informed.

Bendigo Advertiser editor, Nicole Ferrie

Bendigo Advertiser editor, Nicole Ferrie

But we know and respect the fact it is an honour to write history. An individual’s history, that of an organisation or importantly, the city’s.

It is a privilege each and every day to write not only for our newspaper readers, but our online global audience. People come to us, for help. We know this – that day in and day out people come to their local paper, for many and varied reasons.

They come to us because they love someone, or something.  They come to us to help drive social change, to get action, to fight community campaigns.

We are proud of the Bendigo Advertiser’s history of standing up for our community on issues that challenge some of our readers – because it’s the right thing to do.

That is why newspapers will always matter – they mean so much to their communities. That is why what we do matters. Our role has not changed. 

And we do it for you, the reader, and our community.

The Bendigo Advertiser has contributed more than $136,000 in sponsorship to central Victorian events and groups this year. A percentage of advertising in today's edition will be donated to efforts to purchase a new imperial dragon to replace Sun Loong.