Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor

Shame on you

To the person who stole the $100 from the Bendigo Bank ATM on Sunday evening October 8 at the Woolworths Shopping Centre at Strath Village, which was accidently left behind, shame on you.  

Within seven minutes you had stolen the weekly funds of an elderly pensioner.

I hope that one of the following occurs: you have a change of heart and take the $100 to the Strath Hill Bendigo Branch or that when the CCTV is checked that your details and photo are printed in the Bendigo Advertiser for all the world to know that you are a thief.

Name and address withheld 

Drinks ban a good start

Congratulations  Bendigo Health for having the courage to withdraw sale of high sugar drinks from their premises. It is a good start.

Let's hope another brave person with clout will examine attitudes in schools and sporting groups, but at the same time, not be tempted to substitute high energy or protein drinks which may also unbalance nutritional status.

Christine Haddrick, Golden Square

Refugee policy concern

I am horrified by the recent changes to refugee policy, namely the issuing of a final Bridging Visa E to hundreds of people currently residing in our country.  

These are people who are trying to move on with their lives, integrate into our society and contribute to our economy; their children go to school with our children, and these people are now being subjected to cruel and unnecessary conditions.

 I do not believe that this is what Australia is, or the image that it wishes to project.  

We have always claimed to be about acceptance and a fair go for all.  

I believe that these new measures are completely unnecessary – the withdrawal of housing and support is a highly stressful time, causing needless pyschological trauma.  

It does not make sense from an economic standpoint to cause harm to people who could potentially become Australian citizens in future, giving us the obligation to deal with the medical issues resulting from the trauma that we have caused.  

There are millions of displaced people around the world, the majority of which are hosted by countries without proper facilities.  I read recently that we took in just over one per cent of these refugees.  

I believe that as a wealthy nation, “the Lucky Country,” we have a moral obligation to do more.  

And this should surely begin with people who are already living within our communities.

Melissa Abel, Kangaroo Flat

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