Go Goldfields 'story seats' art project to inspire community engagement

CENTRAL Goldfields residents are embracing an opportunity to shape public art. 

Thursday marked the concept launch of story seats, a project aiming to preserve and share the shire’s stories in the form of steel seats.

Arts project officer Adrian Masterman-Smith said community groups and organisations had already expressed interest in about six of the 12 seats.

They will work with artists to develop visual representations of stories they have selected as representations of their community.

Artwork for one of the seats has already been completed.

Ideas for the remaining seats had yet to be raised, Mr Masterman-Smith said.

He encouraged any interested parties in the Central Goldfields shire to get in touch with Go Goldfields, the group behind the initiative.

“The seats are being fabricated as we speak,” Mr Masterman-Smith said.

Once complete, the seats will be permanently positioned throughout the shire to form a tourist trail.

Mr Masterman-Smith said interested parties could call him on 0433 111 068.