Bail denied in alleged violent assault case

Police invesitaged an alleged assault in Alfredton on September 9. Picture: Lachlan Bence
Police invesitaged an alleged assault in Alfredton on September 9. Picture: Lachlan Bence

A man accused of violently assaulting and raping his former partner has been described as the worst case of family violence a detective has seen in a decade.

The Alfredton man, who Fairfax Media has chosen not to name, was refused bail at the Ballarat Magistrates Court on Friday due to his risk of reoffending and endangering the community.

The court was told the man’s alleged violence against his then partner started in July, 2015.

Detective Senior Constable Larissa Murphy said the man’s offending had escalated to the point the victim feared he would kill her.

"In my 12 years of policing I have not seen a family violence incident as bad as this one," Detective Senior Constable Murphy said.

She said the victim had spent three days in hospital recovering from a horrific assault where she suffered fractures, cuts and bruises.

The man and the woman separated six weeks ago but she agreed to meet him at a Delacombe park.

Police allege the man pulled the woman into his car and drove her back to his house.

Detective Senior Constable Murphy said the pair started arguing in the lounge room and he picked up a metal pole to beat her.

She said the woman was in and out of consciousness when the man dragged her into the shower.

He then allegedly held a razor to her neck and threatened to kill her and himself.

The court was told the victim was unconscious at times while he allegedly raped her.

He allegedly refused to take her to a doctor to treat her injuries.

Detective Senior Constable Murphy said the victim told police she left the man six weeks ago before he would kill her.

"She feels she has to give him money to leave her alone," she said.

She said photos taken of the victim after the assault were horrendous.

Defence lawyer Angie Wong said her client could be excluded from Ballarat if granted bail.

She said the man’s family were willing to let him live with them in Bendigo or Melbourne, and offer a house title for surety.

The court was told the man had an acquired brain injury that caused him to become enraged and his brother knew how to calm him.

But magistrate Jonathan Klestadt said prosecutors had a strong case and the man faced a lengthy term of imprisonment.

He said he was concerned about the man contacting the victim, given he allegedly prevented her from attending court in June.

The man will return to court on December 7 for a committal mention.