Harvest Moon Festival 2017 celebrated in Bendigo | Photos, Video

Family, prosperity and unity have been celebrated in Bendigo during the Harvest Moon Festival.

Anita Jack, from the Golden Dragon Museum, said the festival was when families came together, people gave thanks, and wishes were made for a prosperous harvest and plentiful food.

She said it was an occasion celebrated by the Chinese diaspora across the world.

In Bendigo, the occasion was marked with a lantern-making workshop for children, followed by a lantern parade.

There was also a string of performances that began with the Flight of the Phoenix, a symbol of harmonious relationships.

There were also traditional Chinese dances and lion dances, as well as a performance by dancers from the Karen Buddhist Dhamma Dhutta Foundation.

Dozens of people turned out to enjoy the festivities in the Dai Gum San precinct.

The Harvest Moon Festival is celebrated, in varying forms, in not only China, but other Asian countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, India and Thailand.