New program helps seniors stay sharp | Video, pictures

A program new to Bendigo is helping seniors keep their grey matter active. 

The Ageless Grace program is run in Bendigo by local business Think Move Do. 

Business owner Angelina Armato said it was a fun, social way to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Ms Armato said playful activities targeted the five-functions of the brain with analytic, strategic, kinesthetic learning, memory and creative exercises.

“When children are learning to do things they are playful. They use their imagination and problem solving parts of the brain, for example,” she said.

“As we get older we become quite routine in the way we do things so we don’t stretch ourselves. Participating in a program like this opens up those neural pathways.”

In the past, Ms Armato had worked with people with Alzheimer’s disease and said those who were actively engaged and having fun had better outcomes.

“So when I see people physically moving, actively engaged and happy, I think that’s a well-rounded way of enhancing their wellbeing.

“In a future with an ageing community this program has a lot of positive aspects.”

Ms Armato said Think Move Do’s calendars, puzzles and facilitated learning tools could be used by clubs, support groups and schools for fundraisers.

Ms Armato said she had received a lot of support from local groups to start her business. She thanked the Bendigo Library, Empowering Eaglehawk, The Y Service Club of Bendigo and Make a Change Australia.

The next Ageless Grace session would take place at the Eaglehawk Uniting Church during Seniors Week on Saturday 14 October at 2pm.

To find out more about Think, Move Do, call Ms Armato on 0400 826 776 or visit the company’s Facebook site.