Ballarat parking system confusing

“It’s not confusing”.

So says the regulatory services of the Ballarat City Council when asked to review a parking infringement.

When parking in Ballarat, you will find the bays are numbered in a corner and have an arrow under the number pointing either left or right. I was confused thinking that the arrow indicated which bay the number referred to.

Because of this, I paid my fee and pressed bay 7, but apparently I was in bay 6.

Speaking to customer services immediately on receiving my parking infringement ticket, they said there had been lots of complaints about their bay numbering system.

I duly wrote my letter requesting an internal review of the infringement, but was basically told "bad luck" and pay the $65 fine.

They said the system wasn't confusing, but they will be adopting the ticketing system we have in Bendigo.

It's not a good way to treat a tourist to their city when the only thing I did wrong was push button 7 instead of button 6 and it's cost me $65.

I'm limited by 250 words here for my response, but the Ballarat Council is receiving a four-page angry letter and I wont be going back to Ballarat in a hurry.

Ben Dyett, Strathfieldsaye

Sick workers a concern

Employers have a duty of care to their workforce.

Yet few send home employees who front up at work obviously suffering from the flu virus.

A virus which is highly infectious and which places the healthy in their entire workforce at unnecessary risk.

This is negligence of the highest order.

Any such employees should be immediately sent home and be required to obtain a medical certificate showing that they are fit to return to the workplace.

Michael Gamble, Belmont

Strain on parents

The trouble in today's world is that some primitive, as well as uncaring people, are producing more children than they can take care of.

This is putting an increasing strain on parents who are having small families, so that  they can take a proper care of their children.

The number of people who don't care keeps increasing and so does the pressure on public institutions.

It is not up to the government to limit the number of children that people can have.

In democratic countries parents are making such restrictions voluntarily.

Birth control has become easier to exercise, with the progress made in contraceptives and education.

We may be the most advanced link in the chain of living creatures, but we are still being dominated by natural instincts.

Jiri Kolenay, Rushworth

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