Rainbow flag flies at Believe in Bendigo family picnic

Local community campaigners have kicked off the long weekend with a picnic as the rainbow flag flies outside town hall.

The Believe in Bendigo family picnic saw music, food vans and children’s activities as well as the yellow streamers and balloons synonymous with the campaign.

In a move welcomed by LGBTIQ campaigners on Thursday, the City of Greater Bendigo allowed the rainbow flag to temporarily be flown in the civic gardens.


For many watching the concert, including Lynda Grant, it was a chance to reaffirm values of diversity.

“We’ve been coming since the first one and I suppose it’s a way to be part of the wider community,” she said.

“I suppose too, it (the event) is making a happier community where everyone rolls up their sleeves and gets involved.”

The Believe in Bendigo campaign began in 2015 following anti-mosque protests. It celebrated multiculturalism and diversity.