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DISTRESSING: A reader laments a driver's cruelty by leaving a suffering animal on the roadside.
DISTRESSING: A reader laments a driver's cruelty by leaving a suffering animal on the roadside.

Driver’s cruelty

On Tuesday evening (26 September) a vehicle hit a kangaroo on the Bendigo-Pyramid Road.

The driver continued on his way, leaving a severely injured animal in the middle of the road - a cruel and irresponsible action.

When an animal is injured on the road the police or a wildlife rescue organisation such as W.R.I.N. should be called to deal with it.

Leaving an injured animal to die a slow, painful death is neither moral nor legal and may be a risk to other road users.

Pat Horan, Sebastian

It’s crystal clear

Opponents of marriage reform were always going to muddy the waters in what should be a crystal clear question to the Australian people.

We now have hard-right political heavyweights claiming they are being bullied and intimidated by gays and lesbians who have been subjected to violence and abuse for generations.

We hear the hypocrisy of churches who dare to associate SSM with paedophilia and child abuse. (Stones and glass houses.)

We witness the irony of straight, married couples accuse gays and lesbians of corrupting the institution of marriage. ( Married at first sight, The Bachelor, Ashley Madison.)

What this debate has made abundantly clear is that all forms of discrimination, be it gender, race or sexuality, are largely invisible and irrelevant to those not affected by it.

Privilege is like oxygen, imperceptible to those it serves and benefits.

Whereas discrimination is all too apparent to those who struggle to breathe in the thin air of society's bigotries.

Denis Chapman, Golden Square

Fracking no solution

After the crazy promotion of coal under Tony Abbott we now have a strategy to pressure state governments to reverse their opposition to fracking disguised as an energy security measure.

The argument is that the bans may cause our lights to go out. This tactic is delivering exactly what the fossil fuel industry wanted when it set out on its massive gas export trade. Are we seriously meant to believe that this is about energy security? 

Combined with the hostility of this government to renewables we may reasonably conclude that we have a government that favours private sector profits ahead of the national interest while pretending to chastise the corporate sector for its price-gouging.

Hans Paas, Castlemaine

Call to protect religion

The only way to protect our freedoms of speech, conscience and religion is to vote No to the question being asked in the SSM plebiscite.

To protect your children from extreme gender fluid propaganda in their schools, vote No. It's not quite as straightforward as the Atorney General would have us believe.

Don't trust the government with your freedoms

Helen Leach, Bendigo 

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