Eyes can deceive with Canola crops

Glary, fluorescent squares of canola are lighting up paddocks in the municipality’s regional outposts. 

For the Murphy family in Kamarooka, the crop may look superb, but the eyes can be deceiving.

“We don’t know how the recent frost affected the crop,” Anne Murphy said.

The proof is quite literally in the pudding for the Murphy family as the impacts of frost on a canola crop only become evident during harvest.

“We just don’t know how it will turn out but we’ll keep our fingers crossed,” Ms Murphy said.

“It looks beautiful though,” she said, observing her niece and nephews running around in her crop.

Ms Murphy, who along with husband Keith, have around 80 hectares of canola this year, moved to Kamarooka from Melbourne years ago and hasn’t looked back.

“I love it here, it is so peaceful,” she said.

Their canola will be harvested over a couple of weeks in December and taken to a local processor.