Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor

Showing appreciation

I lost a small package in the vicinity of Lake Weeroona on Friday.

Luckily, It contained my name and address. Even luckier, a good Samaritan returned it to my home letter box where I found it this morning.

So big thanks to those concerned for taking the time and trouble to return my property.

I really appreciated your efforts.

John Holdsworth, East Bendigo 

Intersection concerns

As a constant user of the road between Huntly and Bendigo central I would like to know if there are others that find turning from Howard Street right onto the Midland Highway is fraught with danger.  

I dare say those turning from the Eaglehawk side back towards Bendigo have the same issue.  

There needs to be a review of this intersection as it is becoming busier everyday.  

I wonder how many accidents have occurred at that intersection since Woolies and the other shops have gone in.  

The development of more housing estates in the area is putting a greater impact on that intersection and due to this should be reviewed.

I would like to know other's opinions on this intersection.

Di Hill, Huntly

Call for silence

David Arscott's letter in Addy (25/9)  on " Right to Secret Vote" hits the nail on the head.    Unfortunately our federal politicians  have created this scenario by their lack of courage to address this issue in parliament.

This nation can be proud of the fact that the secret ballot is known around the world as the Australian Ballet.

Mr Arscott is also right when he comments that some  councillors have used this issue to further their own interests, like some of our federal politicians.

Councillors are there to represent all the citizens of  Bendigo  and should remain silent and let the people have their say.

Bill Collier, Golden Square

Day for all sports 

One must thank the Premier Daniel Andrews for creating a public holiday on the Friday before the AFL Grand Final.

This has allowed cricket clubs throughout Victoria to arrange practice matches on this day. Cricketers are pleased that they are free to watch the Grand final without any cricket practice commitments.

Golf and Bowls Clubs are also taking advantage of this day.

The name of this day could be changed to Community Sports Day thereby having a relationship with all Victoria not just Melbourne.

Edwin Thomas, Kangaroo Flat 

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