PODCAST: You probably think this song is about you

Homage: WHY? lead singer Yoni Wolf "internet-stalked" Castlemaine's Peta Godfrey in order to write a song about her. Picture: CONTRIBUTED
Homage: WHY? lead singer Yoni Wolf "internet-stalked" Castlemaine's Peta Godfrey in order to write a song about her. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Have you ever had a moment when you’ve heard a new song by your favourite band and just known it was about you?

“That’s exactly how I’m feeling right now!”, you think, “it’s like they read my mind”.

Well that’s what happened to Castlemaine’s Peta Godfrey, except this song didn’t just seem like it was about her – it really was about her.

Her childhood was in there, her relationship with her boyfriend. Even her full name.

The song was by Californian indie rock/hip hop band WHY?, and it was called Peta Godfrey.

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“I was living in Canada at the time and I was on a road trip and I think I was somewhere in the Rockies when I first heard it,” she says.

“It was strange, especially the start of the song, it sounded really cool and then hearing your own name, yeah it was a very strange experience.”

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But it wasn't a complete surprise. It was meant to be, Peta's boyfriend Eamon bought it for her for her 25th birthday – as a surprise – but she ended up finding out early.

The song is part of a collection of personalised "theme songs" recorded by the band for an album called Golden Tickets, for and about seven specific WHY? fans and Peta scored one of the tickets after Eamon won it in an auction.

Over the the course of several months, the band members “internet-stalked their fans for the purpose of crafting the homage which would end up on this album”.

“It's meant to be about me, but it's more focused on, I suppose, my boyfriend and I and our relationship – well that's part of it, but it's also a bit about just my childhood a little bit, my family, and yeah just my interests I suppose,” she says.

“I tried to make my Facebook really cool once I knew they'd be stalking me but they just emailed my boyfriend and just asked questions about me and the idea was that it would be a surprise and I wouldn't know what he had told them but I did read it and he did ask me questions because he just couldn't think of anything to say about me.”

So what's it like to finally hear a song your favourite band has written about you after weeks of anticipation? And more importantly, is it any good?

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