2017 BFNL Grand Final Day – Live Coverage

Strath Storm players and fans celebrate after the final siren. Picture: GLENN DANIELS
Strath Storm players and fans celebrate after the final siren. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

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5.16pm: That’s it for the live blog, but keep checking the Addy website tonight for all the news and photos from a big BFNL grand final day.

5.15pm: The Bendigo Advertiser Premiership Cup is in Strathfieldsaye’s hands.

5.14pm: Wilson congratulates Eaglehawk and Josh Bowe. Wilson said the Hawks are on track to win a flag in next couple of years if they stick together.

Wilson admitted he thought his team was shot.

5.12pm: co-captains Shannon Geary and Jayden Donaldson up on stage. The coach Darryl Wilson gets a huge cheer as well.

5.10pm: Massive cheer for Ben Lester. He missed the Storm’s first two flags because of injuries.

5.09pm: Now the individual premiership medals for the Storm. 

5.07pm: Nalder Medal for best on ground goes to Strath Storm’s Kallen Geary.

AFL Victoria Medal goes to Strathfieldsaye’s Lachlan Sharp.

5.04pm: Eaglehawk coach Josh Bowe congratulates Storm on victory.

Thanks his team for the effort put in this year.

“So proud of he way our boys went about it.”

5.02pm: Umpires presented with medals first.

4.59pm: Here we go with the presentations. They are live on Bgo Addy Sport Facebook page as well.

4.55pm: Eaglehawk players dejected, while the Storm players have been flooded by hundreds of fans.

4.52pm: The QEO is a sea of blue and white.

4.51pm: Lachy Sharp kicks five goals in final term and finishes with six for the match.

4.49pm: SIREN. Storm wins flag.

Storm 13.10 (88) d Eaglehawk 7.14 (56).

Storm kicked 9.1 to 0.3 in final quarter.

4.38pm: McPhee’s set shot for Hawks goes out of bounds on the full. Storm go coast to coast and Stringer goals in square. Storm by 14 points, 21 mins gone.

4.35pm: Sharp takes a big pack mark in the square. He kicks his 3rd for the final quarter and fourth for the game. Storm by 8 points. 19 mins into last term.

4.34pm: Storm by 2 points, 58-56, 17 mins gone.

4.31pm: Margin back to one point after another Hawks behind. 

4.30pm: Sam Harper marks on the lead for Eaglehawk. His set shot from 30 out in front is a point to the right. Storm in front 57-55. 14 mins gone.

4.28pm: Storm in front. Ball spills to Sharp who slides home his 3rd from 10m out.

4.26pm: Sharp has been well held today, but when it counts he steps up with a brilliant left-foot snap. Hawks by just 3, 9 mins into last.

4.25pm: Sandhurst defeated Golden Square 45-40 to win A-grade netball premiership.

4.20pm: Bad turnover from Hawk Trent Bacon leads to Kallen Geary set shot. He goals and the Storm have all the momentum. Hawks by 8, 53-45.

4.19pm: Josh Formosa wins free kick for Storm inside 50. His set shot is a beauty. Storm get all-important first goal of last term. Hawks lead 53-39 after 2 mins.

4.18pm: Storm have moved Kallen Geary forward in a bid to add some class and run inside 50.

4.16pm: Ready to go for final quarter. Hawks with no loose man in defence. Can they win their first flag since 2008?

4.11pm: Big question is do the Storm have the legs after a tough finals series to generate a final term comeback?

4.10pm: Matt Filo misses a tough set shot from the boundary after the ¾ time siren. Eaglehawk goes into final term holding a 20-point lead. 7.11 (53) to 4.9 (33).

4.08pm: Sandhurst look home in the A-grade netball. 9 goals up on Square with a quarter to play.

4.04pm: Storm have steadied the ship, but they can’t find a way to score. Hawks by 19, 23 mins into 3rd.

3.57pm: Hawks teenager Joel Mullen calmly slots a 45m set shot and from the centre clearance the ball spills to Gretgrix who snaps his 4th. Hawks all of a sudden out to 51-32 lead.

3.55pm: Dubious free kick goes to Gretgrix and he kicks his 3rd. Hawks lead 39-32. 14 gone in 3rd.

3.52pm: Lachlan Wallace misses for Storm on run from 40. Margin back to 1 point.

3.51pm: Sharp marks on lead for Storm. Tough shot from deep in pocket, so he passes to Harry Conway. Conway misses to the right. Hawks 33 to Storm 31. 10 mins into 3rd.

3.50pm: Both teams making heavy work of it. Turnover after turnover.

3.48pm: Daly finds Saunders on the lead. Saunders kicks from 45 and misses to the right. He has 1.2. Hawks lead 33-30.

3.47pm: 5 mins into 3rd term. Hawks 32 lead Storm 30. 

3.42pm: Back underway in third quarter. Hawks with the breeze.

3.39pm: Teams back on the ground for third term. Wind still strong to the city end.

3.30pm: Players in the running for Nalder Medal after first half. Eaglehawk – Josh Bowe, Jesse Collins, Tim Hill, Lachie Atherton. Storm – Kallen Geary, Jamieson Sheahan. Not many Storm players had big impact in first half.

3.29pm: Four goals kicked at each end of the ground so far.

3.26pm: It’s going to be a war of attrition today. Temperature around 30 degrees and the strong breeze making it tough on players. Might suit the Hawks better because of their fresh legs.

3.23pm: Half-time. Eaglehawk 4.7 (31) to Strathfieldsaye 4.6 (30).

3.21pm: Gretgrix marks for Hawks 30m out. His set shot is a point to the left. 31-29, close to half time.

3.16pm: 22 mins gone in 2nd term. Hawks 30 to Storm 29.

3.12pm: Another one to the Storm. Centre clearance kicked straight down Sharp’s throat and he goals from 35. Hawks by 2 points.

3.10pm: Much needed goal for the Storm off the boot of Brad Stringer. Ran into open goal off a stoppage. 30-22, Hawks in front, 16 mins gone.

3.07pm: Lachy Sharp misses an easy set shot. He has 0.3 and the Storm trail by 13.

3.05pm: Gedd Hommelhoff marks 15 out on a slight angle for the Hawks. Kicks the goal. Hawks out to game high 14-point lead. 29-15.

3.04pm: Congratulations to Kangaroo Flat on winning the A-reserve netball premiership.

3.02pm: Hawks doing everything right so far in 2nd term. Running hard into the breeze and defending stoutly when required.

3pm: 7 mins into second term, Hawks 22 to Storm 15.

2.55pm: Great running goal by Eaglehawk’s Riley Saunders to open second term. Hawks out to 7 point lead. 21-14.

2.52pm: Huge quarter coming up for Hawks. Can’t afford to let the Storm get the jump with the breeze.

2.47pm: Quarter-time: Eaglehawk 2.3 (15) to Strathfieldsaye 2.2 (14). Hawks in front, but Storm hold upper hand after restricting Hawks with the breeze.

2.46pm: Gretgrix marks and goals for Borough. He has 2 and his side is back in front 15-14.

2.44pm: Huge goal against the wind by Storm’s Matt Harvey. On the run from 40 out. Storm in front 14-9 late in first term.

2.42pm: Lachlan Sharp’s first shot for goal hits the post from 35 out. 9-8 Hawks up.

2.39pm: Brenton Conforti marks and has set shot from 45 for Borough. Misses to the right. Hawks up 9-7. 23 mins gone.

2.36pm: Advantage Storm after first 18 minutes. Held the Borough to just one goal.

2.32pm: Brad Stringer marks 15 out and kicks the Storm’s first. Hawks up 8-7, 14 mins gone.

2.30pm: Storm’s Fergus Payne couldn’t make distance from 40m with set shot because of the strong wind.

2.27pm: Borough champ Matt Gretgrix kicks first goal of grand final via a free kick in fwd pocket. Hawks up 8-1 and kicking with strong breeze. 11 mins gone.

2.25pm: wind playing havoc with kicking skills. It’s only early, but it looks like we’re in for low scoring day. Goal posts are shaking in breeze.

2.22pm: Eaglehawk’s Riley Saunders plays on from a mark, but his shot from 50 misses to the left. Hawks up 2-1.

2.20pm: Eaglehawk star Ben McPhee marks strongly on 50m line, but his set shot is wide. 1-1.

2.19pm: first score of the grand final is a point to the Storm. 2 mins gone in first term.

2.15pm: Eaglehawk captain Tim Hill wins the toss and Hawks will kick with the breeze.

2.11pm: Eaglehawk’s Matt Gretgrix having practice shots at city end. His shots from 45m out sailing through comfortably.

2.10pm: The wind has picked up even more. Crucial toss of the coin coming up.

2.07pm: National anthem time as the sun bursts through the clouds.

2.03pm: Both teams on the ground for senior grand final.

2pm: Bad news. The weather has turned. wind has really picked up. The team that kicks to city end will have a distinct advantage.

1.55pm: reserves presentation done and dusted. Now time to prepare for the big one.

1.50pm: Best on ground in reserves grand final goes to Strath Storm’s Zeb Murrell.

1.44pm: The presentations for the reserves grand final will be broadcast live on Bgo Addy Sport Facebook page.

1.43pm: Final siren. The Storm are reserves premiers. Strath 11.15 (81) d Eaglehawk 6.5 (41).

1.41pm: Couple of minutes to go before the Storm celebrate their second flag of the day.

1.37pm: 23 mins gone in final term of reserves. Strathfieldsaye 80 to Eaglehawk 40.

1.32pm: 18 mins into final term and it’s the Storm 78 leading the Borough 40 in reserves footy.

1.27pm: two goals in a minute to the Borough. Storm’s lead back to 38 points, 14 mins gone in final term.

1.23pm: 10 mins into final term of reserves grand final. Storm 72 to Eaglehawk 22.

1.21pm: Sandhurst leads Eaglehawk by 4 goals in extra time of the B-grade netball grand final.

1.17pm: Eaglehawk breaks drought with the first goal of the final term. Storm 70 to Borough 20.

1.16pm: Big crowd building at the QEO. Hopefully, we don’t get the high winds that have been forecast. Pretty steady at the minute.

Eaglehawk fans ready to cheer on the Borough. Picture: NONI HYETT

Eaglehawk fans ready to cheer on the Borough. Picture: NONI HYETT

1.13pm: Check out a photo gallery of Strath Storm’s under-18 grand final win.

1.09pm: ¾ time in reserves grand final. Strath Storm 10.9 (69) to Eaglehawk 2.2 (14).

1.05pm: Martyn snaps another and the Storm are running all over the Hawks. 69-14, 27 mins into 3rd.

1.02pm: Josh Martyn goals on the run and Storm lead is out to eight goals. Martyn has 3 today and 88 for the season.

1pm: Put down the glasses. Shaun Dwyer bangs another one home for the Storm. 55-14, 20 minutes into third term.

12.52pm: Storm look home now. Martyn goals from a set shot. Storm 47 to Eaglehawk 14.

12.45pm: Zoltan Smyth kicks his second goal to give the Storm a handy 26-point lead, 5 mins into the third term of reserves grand final.

12.40pm: Keep an eye out on the Addy website for photo galleries from today’s action.

12.32pm: Eaglehawk senior players meet in middle of the QEO. It’s pretty warm out there. Most players carrying a bottle of water.

Sandhurst's 17-and-under netball premiership team. Picture: NONI HYETT

Sandhurst's 17-and-under netball premiership team. Picture: NONI HYETT

12.28pm: Half time in reserves grand final. Storm 5.4 (34) to Eaglehawk 2.1 (13).

12.26pm: Josh Martyn kicks his first goal to extend Storm lead to 20 points.

12.22pm: The reserves game has come to life. The Storm 4.2 (26) to Eaglehawk 2.1 (13), 16 mins into second quarter.

Sandhurst players celebrate their 17-and-under flag win. Picture: NONI HYETT

Sandhurst players celebrate their 17-and-under flag win. Picture: NONI HYETT

12.14pm: Horror turnover from Keelan Payne leads to Tom Pontell kicking Eaglehawk’s first goal. 7-7.

12.12pm: Brenton Sharp kicks the first goal of reserves grand final, 4 mins into second term. Storm 7 to Eaglehawk 1.

12.05pm: Final team news for Strathfieldsaye. Tom Dowd channeled Collingwood’s Simon Prestigiacomo and made the decision he couldn’t play. Jack Neylon will play in his place.

12.03pm: quarter time in the reserves. It’s close, but it’s not a classic. Storm 0.1 (1) v Eaglehawk 0.1 (1).

12.01pm: 19 mins into first term and still no goals. Skills not great under grand final pressure. 1-1 the score.

11.53am: Eaglehawk 1 leads Storm 0, 11 mins into reserves grand final.

11.48am: No scores in first 7 minutes of reserves.

11.43am: First bounce in the reserves grand final.

11.31am: Ground being cleared as we wait for the reserves grand final teams to hit the turf – Strathfieldsaye warm favourites to defeat Eaglehawk.

11.27pm: The premiership cup is in the hands of the Strath Storm and the young fellas are loving it. Could it be the first of three flags for the Storm today?

11.22am: Rod Ashman Medal winner – Wade Donnan from Strathfieldsaye. AFL Vic Country Medal – Hunter Lawrence from Strathfieldsaye.

11.20am: Presentations now underway.

11.17am: Presentations held up by technical issues with microphone.

11.15am: To watch the presentations, go to the Bendigo Addy Sport Facebook page.

11.14am: 3 flags in a row for the Storm at under-18 level. Dominated from the first bounce today.

11.11am: SIREN. Strath Storm wins under-18 grand final. Storm 9.12 (66) d Sandhurst 5.4 (34) 

11.05am: Another goal to Perez. This time a set from the Rifle Brigade pocket. 4 goals in a losing grand final side is a good effort.

11.03am: Consolation goal to Perez. He has 3. Storm 9.10 (64) to Sandhurst 4.4 (28).

10.57am: 17 mins into final term and the fizz has well and truly gone out of under-18 decider. Storm 64 to Sandhurst 22.

10.51am: A rare highlight for the Dragons. Oscar Perez with a brilliant left foot snap from the boundary. 64-19, 11 mins into last term.

10.41am: Storm’s Lachlan Gill caps a fine game with the first goal of the final term. Storm 62 to Sandhurst 13.

10.35am: Goals to ¾ time in under-18s. Strath: Sheahan 3, Forte, Lawrence, Cheesman, Donnan, Webster. Sandhurst: O’Farrell, Perez.

10.33am: ¾ time in under-18 footy and the Storm are on track to win a third-straight flag. Storm 8.8 (56) to Sandhurst 2.1 (13). Scoreless quarter for the Dragons.

10.25am: Tyson Webster nails a long set shot goal for the Storm. 55-13.

10.20am: Sandhurst premiers in the 17-and-under netball.

10.17am: Wade Donnan goals on the run from 45m out for the Storm. Storm 48 to Sandhurst 13. 15 mins into 3rd.

10.13am: 10 mins into third term and Storm leads 41-13.

10.08am: Caleb Sheahan snaps his 3rd goal and this game looks done and dusted. Storm by 27 points, 5 mins into third.

10am: Goals to half time – Strath Storm: Sheahan 2, Cheeseman, Lawrence, Forte. Sandhurst: O’Farrell, Pereze.

9.59am: Hard to see the Dragons reeling in the Storm in second half. Storm too much depth.

9.48am: 50m bomb from Sean O’Farrell seconds before half-time gives Sandhurst a lift. Storm 5.4 (34) to 2.1 (13) at half-time.

9.42am: Cooper Forte adds Storm’s fifth goal after a horror turnover by the Dragons. 34-7.

9.38am: Caleb Sheahan bangs home his second for the Storm. Strathfieldsaye 28 to Sandhurst 7.

9.34am: Oscar Perez finally gets Sandhurst’s first goal at the 6 minute mark of the second term. Storm up 22-7.

9.32am: Sandhurst struggling to break through Storm’s zone. Mitch Cheeseman goals from a downfield free kick and the Storm out to 21 point lead. 22 to 1.

9.20am: Quarter time in the under-18 footy and it’s all Strathfieldsaye. The Storm leads Sandhurst 2.4 (16) to no score. Lawrence and Sheahan the goal scorers.

9am: We’re up and about at the QEO, with the under-18 footy grand final and 17-and-under netball games underway.

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