Final flurry for Storm coach

Strathfieldsaye coach Darryl Wilson. Picture: NONI HYETT
Strathfieldsaye coach Darryl Wilson. Picture: NONI HYETT

Two premierships, 106 wins, 32 defeats and one draw.

By 5pm on Saturday, Strathfieldsaye Storm fans will be hoping that record becomes three premierships, 107 wins, 32 defeats and one draw.

No matter what the result is, Strathfieldsaye coach Darryl Wilson will walk away from the club a content man.

After arriving at the club in 2011, Wilson has guided the Storm from a fledgling club to a BFNL power.

“He’s very professional in the way he coaches and in the amount of time he puts into the job,’’ Strathfieldsaye co-captain Shannon Geary said of Wilson.

“The way he delivers things and the way he individualises the positions and roles makes it easier for the playing group.”

Geary, who also played under Wilson at the Bendigo Bombers and Kangaroo Flat, said Wilson was meticulous in his planning.

“He made a game plan that he wanted to stick to for four or five years,’’ Geary said.

“He built the team around that game play, brought the young players through and a couple of recruits as well.

“That game plan was successful and we basically didn’t change it until last year.”

Wilson’s planning and work ethic has helped the Storm build a junior structure that is the envy of most of the competition.

“He coached the under-16s last year and communicates well with Bart Leahy, who coaches the under-18s.,’’ Geary said.

“The under-18s have played in the finals the past four or five years and they’ve won the past two flags. Hopefully, they make it three on Saturday.

“Darryl has done a lot of hard work with the junior program and that’s why the junior structure at Strathfieldsaye is so strong.”

To those outside of the Storm, Wilson can sometimes come across as stern and, at times, grumpy.

Geary said that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“That (exterior) is a bit of a foil,’’ Wilson said.

“He pretends that he’s a big, massive bear, but behind the scenes he’s really a soft, teddy bear.

“He is very personable among the playing group. He gets the balance right between being firm when he needs to in front of the group and the softer side when he needs it in a one-on-one situation.”

Geary said internally little had been made about the grand final being Wilson’s final game because that’s the way the coach wanted it.

“Darryl is big on everyone at the club not being selfish,’’ Geary said.

“The grand final is all about the club. His focus will be on the club winning all three grand finals rather than hoping the seniors win in his last game.”