Dishwasher, electric blanket spark fires in Bendigo

Bendigo firefighters were called to two minor fires on Wednesday night, sparked by an electric blanket and a dishwasher.

In the first incident, the CFA was called to a home in Harkness Street, Quarry Hill about 5.45pm, where a fire had broken out, caused by an electric blanket

Luckily for the occupants, the house itself sustained no damage beyond smoke damage.

“Check old electric blankets, ensure they are in good working order,” Acting Sergeant Tim Elliott, from Bendigo police, said.

“If it’s getting old, it might be worth replacing.

“Ensure they are turned off when not in use.”

Later that night a fire at the Basement on View cafe, beneath the Capital Theatre, set off a fire alarm not long after 10pm.

That fire was found to have originated from a dishwasher, but damage was limited to that appliance.