Siege-accused put police lives at risk, court hears

A man who allegedly endangered the lives of police following a six-hour siege in Jackass Flat in March will be released on bail pending an assessment.

The Bendigo Magistrates' Court heard Kayd Thorp, 31, drove at police and bit the ankle of a critical incident response team member during his arrest on March 28 this year, while also suffering significant injuries himself.

Prosecutor Martin Friend told the court Mr Thorp ignored police directions to leave the Howard Street property, telling officers he had access to firearms and had “more rounds than you”.

Senior Constable Friend said when police tried to enter the property that evening, Mr Thorp got in a car and accelerated towards the officers, forcing them to jump out of the way.

Police then smashed the car's window and used a taser and capsicum spray to subdue Mr Thorp.

Senior Constable Friend said a later search of the car uncovered a taser, which the CIRT members reported hearing Mr Thorp activate prior to his arrest.

Mr Thorp's solicitor, Robert Timms, said his client was “terrified” of being arrested after previously spending 273 days in custody on a charge that was later dropped after he was the victim of a home invasion in 2012.

Mr Timms said Mr Thorp's life “fell apart” after the incident, which had driven the offending leading up to the siege, including multiple counts of motor vehicle theft.

Mr Timms said Mr Thorp suffered “significant” injuries during his arrest, including a fractured skull resulting in an acquired brain injury, and five broken bones in his foot.

In arguing for Mr Thorp to be assessed for the bail program, Mr Timms said his client's experience of being in custody before the earlier charge was dropped left him concerned he would now be eventually released without support and didn’t want to be “cut adrift”.

Magistrate Michael King said Mr Thorp’s offending was “breathtaking in scope” and he should spend time in custody as punishment, but said he would release him on bail in December if deemed suitable.

“I suggest you come up with a viable plan to set your life straight,” he said.