Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor

Thanks for caring about future of planet

Dear Young People of Bendigo (and some older ones too),

The future of this planet is in your hands, and I have every confidence that you will cope with it with the greatest of care.

You are wonderful, passionate about conservation, hard-working in gathering signatures, courteous to me, (your older principal petitioner), and charming. I love your emails, and especially appreciate the ones which you decorate with strawberries.

Gracie and Abbey and students at Girton Grammar, students from Catholic College and Marist College, parishioners of St Kilian’s and other Catholic parishes, Uniting Church people, those who stopped their dash to the train to sign, those who put their shoppping down and signed at the entrance to the Marketplace, one special weather-beaten farmer, and even the primary school teacher who kept forgetting to bring his signatures in, thankyou all for your care for our planet, and your kindness to me.

Don’t despair about this petition. We may have a do-nothing government and a local Labor member whose office accepted 14 messages about the petition and waited six weeks before replying to any of them, but MPs in other electorates are being exceptionally helpful. 

And please, as you care about the environment, remember this experience when next you vote. Politicians are not appointed for life. Perhaps you will become politicians in the future; certainly you will be voters. 

Thankyou so much for caring more than our politicians do.

Gwynith Young, Bendigo

Family reunion

On October 7 and 8, 2017 descendants of Jonathon and Ann Chappel, of Lockington and Pine Grove,  Victoria, are having a family reunion to commemorate the life of Joseph Hector Percy Chappel who was killed, aged 22, in action in Belgium on 20 October, 1917.

Contacts: Beryl Marshall -, or Sandie Wallace -

Beryl Marshall, Lockington

Entitled to reward

When a man and woman unite in matrimony they accept responsibility for each other, sharing the experience of their relationship, including the creation of another human being, observing the child’s development and experiencing the delights of overcoming the challenges of the world as a loving, caring family balanced in an environment of man and woman living and loving together.

Children are the catalyst which ensures the ongoing survival of the human species.

When same sex couples unite they live without the same social responsibility and without the fulfilment their own children could offer to themselves and to the world.

Heterosexuals who marry are entitled to the reward of a marriage certificate and the legal and social accolades their marriage deserves.

Offering a certificate of marriage to same sex couples denigrates the social standing of the heterosexual marriage.

Whilst we love and respect all service personnel, we don’t offer a Victoria Cross to those who have not been engaged in action.

Similarly, we should respect and assist all persons at all times, but we must not offer the state of marriage to those who choose to make a lesser contribution to the human species. Be proud to be Australian. Vote NO.

Reg MacDonald, Walmer.