Storm through to grand final | Photos

Storm's Lachlan Wallace climbs high to take a big mark in the preliminary final. Picture: DARREN HOWE
Storm's Lachlan Wallace climbs high to take a big mark in the preliminary final. Picture: DARREN HOWE

Strathfieldsaye is through to its fourth BFNL grand final in five years after it defeated Golden Square by 16 points in Saturday’s preliminary final.

The Storm trailed by as many as 17 points in the second quarter, but had too much class and depth for the gallant Dogs.

The final scoreline was 10.17 (77) to 9.7 (61), but the margin should have been far greater.

Key defender Jayden Donaldson was outstanding for the Storm, while Ron Best Medal winner Lachlan Sharp kicked five goals.

The Storm had more contributors across the board, including Bendigo Pioneer Lachy Wallace who came into the side and made a key impact across half-forward.

Wallace sparked the Storm in the second quarter with a big pack mark and goal.

Sam Heavyside worked hard for the Storm in the clinches and Harry Conway was a constant target across half-forward.

Hamish Morcom was clearly Square’s most dangerous player. He kicked three goals and was the only Bulldog who looked like taking a contested mark inside forward 50.

Skipper Jack Geary battled hard and defender Jon Coe was his usual reliable self.

The Storm will play Eaglehawk in next Saturday’s grand final.

Full preliminary final match report – to come


Strathfieldsaye                         2.3,  6.9,  9.10,  10.17  (77)

Golden Square                           4.2,  7.3,  8.5,  9.7  (61)

GOALS - Strathfieldsaye: L. Sharp 5, H. Conway 2, L. Wallace 1, B. Stringer 1, B. Rohde 1

Golden Square: H. Morcom 3,  D. Donegan 2, D. Johnstone 1, T. Toma 1, L. Marciano 1, J. Geary 1.

BEST - Strathfieldsaye: J. Donaldson, K. Geary, J. Formosa, L. Wallace, F. Payne, L. Sharp

Golden Square: H. Morcom, J. Coe, J. Geary, T. Toma.


Eaglehawk                               2.1,  3.4,  8.9,  11.13  (79)

Sandhurst                               2.4,  6.7,  8.8,  11.11  (77)

GOALS - Eaglehawk: C. Schepers 4, C. Green 2, T. Pontell 2, I. Ferguson 1, G. Richardson 1, B. Rogers 1

Sandhurst: W. Mitrovic 3, N. Stagg 2, J. Stagg 2, L. Ross 2, A. Hooper 1, W. Long 1

BEST - Eaglehawk: L. Jacobs, B. Rogers, S. Thompson, T. Eliades, C. Schepers, J. Cross

Sandhurst: L. Ross, L. Ross, W. Mitrovic, D. Coghlan, P. Craig, X. Walsh


Sandhurst                               4.4,  5.6,  13.9,  15.10  (100)

South Bendigo                           0.0,  1.3,  2.3,  5.9  (39)

GOALS - Sandhurst: J. Bouwmeester 5, O. Perez 4, H. Schaeche 3, C. Robinson 1, L. Zimmer 1, L. Costelow 1

South Bendigo: M. Goodwin 2, S. Maher 2, R. Walsh 1

BEST - Sandhurst: P. Coghlan, S. Sebastian, I. Ruff, D. Graham, J. Stewart, P. O'Farrell

South Bendigo: R. Sheehan, A. Smith-Ralph, W. Pollard, K. Katov, W. Allen, J. Lloyd