NCFNL grand final day 2017 | Live coverage

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  • Under-13s – St Arnaud 5.7 (37) defeated Birchip-Watchem 4.6 (30);
  • Under-16s – St Arnaud 14.8 (92)  defeated Birchip-Watchem 6.2 (38);
  • Reserves – Wedderburn 17.8 (110) defeated Wycheproof-Narreport 4.8 (32); 
  • Seniors –  Wycheproof-Narraport 9.9 (63) defeated Birchip-Watchem 7.9 (51).


  • 13-under - Donald 23 defeated Wedderburn 20;
  • 16-under B - Birchip-Watchem 35 defeated Wedderburn 19;
  • 16-under A - Wedderburn 28 defeated Sea Lake Nandaly Tigers 25;
  • A grade - Wedderburn 47 defeated Sea Lake Nandaly Tigers 42; 
  • B grade - Wedderburn 62 defeated Donald 25; 
  • C grade - Wedderburn 40 defeated Boort 21.


  • Underage - Wycheproof-Narraport 5 defeated Birchip-Watchem 1;
  • Women - Boort 4 defeated Wedderburn 2;
  • Men - St Arnaud 4 defeated Wedderburn 2.



5.42pm: Keep an eye on the Bendigo Advertiser website and our social media pages for videos, photos and stories from today’s football and netball matches.

BFL, 5.41pm: It’s full time in the Bendigo Football League preliminary final and Strathfieldsaye are through to the grand final.

The Storm 10.17 (77) have beaten Golden Square 9.7 (61).

5.30pm: To recap – Wycheproof-Narraport 9.9 (63) defeated Birchip-Watchem 7.9 (51) to win the seniors grand final.

Earlier in the day Wedderburn had a convincing win in the reserves grand final while St Arnaud picked up flags in the under-13s and under-16s football finals.

On the netball courts, Wedderburn won four flags in the A-grade, B-grade, C-grade and under-16A finals.

Birchip-Watchem won the under-16B netball premiership and Donald the under -13 flag.

Out on the hockey field Wycheproof-Narreport (juniors), Boort (women’s) and St Arnaud (men’s) each won a hockey premiership.

5.25pm: That’s it from our team in Boort. But keep an eye on the Bendigo Advertiser website through the night to read the match reports and see photos from the day. 

Already there are some galleries up:

5.15pm: Siren sounds! And Wycheproof-Narreport are the NCFL premiers. The Demons kicked four goals to none in the last quarter to win 9.9 (63) over Birchip-Watchem 7.9 (51).

5.12pm: The margin is 12 points with 25 minutes gone in the last quarter. Wycheproof-Narreport 9.9 (63) to Birchip-Watchem 7.9 (51).

Time running out for Birchip-Watchem.

BFL, 5.09pm:Three quarter time in the Bendigo Football League preliminary final and Strathfieldsaye 9.10 (64) lead Golden Square 8.5 (53).

5.03pm: Birchip-Watchem give away a 50m penalty that results in Ricky Allan’s third goal. Wycheproof have a small break on the Bulls. It’s the Demons 9.8 (62) to Birchip-Watchem 7.9 (51).

It’s 19 minutes gone in the last quarter. Birchip-Watchem need the next goal.

4.59pm: The Demons have hit the front. Corey Jones goals to take the scores to Wycheproof-Narreport 8.8 (56) one goal ahead of Birchip-Watchem 7.8 (50), 15 minutes goal in the last quarter.

4.55pm: Wycheproof-Narreport get another goal and the margin is one point in favour of Birchip-Watchem – 7.8 (50) to 7.7 (49).

MCDFNL, 4.53pm: It’s all over in the Maryborough-Castlemaine District FNL with Carisbrook 11.7 (73) defeating Navarre 8.5 (53).

4.50pm: Wycheproof-Narreport get the all-important first goal of the last quarter through Connor Burge.

That narrows the margin to one straight goal. Scores Birchip-Watchem 7.7 (49) to the Demons 6.7 (43).

HOCKEY, 4.47pm: St Arnaud win the men’s hockey final. The Saints defeated Wedderburn 4-2.

HOCKEY, 4.40pm: Here is the last minutes of the men’s hockey. St Arnaud lead Wedderburn 4-2. 

4.38pm: Three-quarter time and the scores are Birchip-Watchem 7.7 (49) to Wycheproof-Narreport 5.6 (36).

Tight contest so far, which may lead to a close finish.

4.34pm: The Bulls get a bit more breathing space with Nathan Gordon’s third goal. Birchip-Watchem now lead by 13 points.

The score is the Bulls 7.7 (49) to Wycheproof-Narreport 5.6 (36).

NETBALL, 4.27pm: Wedderburn wins the C-grade premiership with a 40-21 win over Boort. The Redbacks have had a great day on the netball courts.

BFL, 4.26pm: Half time in the Bendigo Football League preliminary final sees the scores deadlocked.

Strathfieldsaye 6.9 (45) are tied with Golden Square 7.3 (45)

4.25pm: Birchip-Watchem have an eight-point lead after a Lachlan Foott goal. The Bulls are 6.7 (43) to Wycheproof-Narreport 5.5 (35).

MCDFNL, 4.21pm: Carisbrook hold a 18-point lead at the final change in the Maryborough-Castlemaine District FNL grand final. Carisbrook 9.7 (61) lead Navarre 6.7 (43).

Here are other football results from the MCDFL:

  • Reserves: Carisbrook 8.5 (53) defeated Royal Park 6.8 (44).
  • Under-17.5: Trentham 2.13 (25) defeated Carisbrook 3.2 (20); 
  • Under-14.5: Trentham 12.11 (83) defeated Navarre 2.4 (16);
  • Under-11.5: Carisbrook 2.3 (15) defeated Royal Park 2.1 (13).

On the netball courts it is all over. Here are the scores for all netball grades.

  • Under-13: Natte Bealiba 13 defeated Maryborough Rovers 12;
  • Under-15: Talbot 31 defeated Maryborough Rovers 26;
  • Under-17: Trentham 30 defeated Maryborough Rovers 26;
  • C-grade: Natte Nealiba 30 defeated Harcourt 23;
  • B-grade: Lexton 29 defeated Navarre 24;
  • A-grade: Trentham 41 defeated Maryborough Rovers 38.

4.17pm: Birchip-Watchem respond and get the lead back through Charlie Hallam.

The Bulls 5.7 (37) re-take the lead over Wycheproof-Narreport 5.3 (33).

4.14pm: First goal of the last quarter goes to Spencer Allan of Wycheproof-Narreport who now lead.

It is the Demons 5.3 (33) to Birchip-Watchem 4.7 (31).

3.54pm: Half time in the NCFL seniors grand final sees Birchip-Watchem 4.7 (31) leading Wycheproof-Narreport 4.3 (27).

3.47pm: Allan kicks another for the Demons and the margin is back to four points.

The Bulls 4.7 (31) hold the lead over Wycheproof-Narreport 4.3 (27).

BFL, 3.45pm: Quarter time in the Bendigo Football League preliminary final and its Golden Square 4.2 (26) leading Strathfieldsaye 2.3 (15).

3.44pm: Wycheproof-Narreport’s Ricky Allan goals at the 16-minute mark of the second quarter.

Birchip-Watchem 4.7 (31) are still ahead of the Demons 3.3 (21).

MCDFNL, 3.41pm: At half time in the Mary-Castlemaine District FNL Carisbrook 6.5 (41) lead Navarre 5.5 (35).

On the netball courts, Maryborough Rovers lead Trentham in a close game. The score is 22-21.

3.37pm: Stephen Paulke kicks his second goal to take the Bulls to 4.5 (29), 15 points ahead of Wycheproof-Narreport 2.2 (14).

3.34pm: Wycheproof-Narreport get the first of the second quarter. With eight minutes gone it is Birchip-Watchem 3.5 (23) to the Demons 2.2 (14).

HOCKEY, 3.28pm: Boort have claimed the women’s hockey premiership with a 4-2 win over Wedderburn.

MCDFNL, 3.20pm: Quarter time in the Maryborough Castlemaine District seniors grand final sees Carisbrook 4.3 (27) leading Navarre 2.2 (14).

Earlier Carisbrook claimed the reserves premiership when it beat Royal Park 8.5 (53) to 6.8 (44).

3.19pm: Boe Bish kicks a late goal for Wycheproof-Narreport to get the Demons on the board.

At quarter time it is Birhcip-Watchem 3.4 (22) to the Demons 1.0 (6).

NETBALL, 3.12pm: The B-grade premiership goes to Wedderburn who have defeated Donald 62-25.

3.11pm: With 20 minutes gone in the first quarter, Wycheproof-Narreport are yet to score.

It’s Birchip-Watchem 3.3 (21) to the Demons 0.0 (0).

Follow this link to see some crowd photos from the NCFNL grand final day.

NETBALL, 2.57pm: Wedderburn comfortably leads Donald 58-23 in the last quarter of the B-grade netball final.

2.55pm: Birchip-Watchem get the first goal through Stephen Paulke. It’s the Bulls 1.0 (6) to Wycheproof 0.0 (0).

2.50pm: The senior football grand final between Birchip-Watchem and Wycheproof-Narreport is just about to get underway.

NETBALL, 2.45pm: Follow this link to see photos of the A-grade netball grand final.

2.30pm: It is all over in the reserves final with a 78-point victory to Wedderburn.

The Redbacks 17.8 (110) defeat Wycheproof-Narreport 4.8 (32) to secure the seconds’ premiership.

2.20pm: The Redbacks are continuing to hit the score board in the reserves football final.

Wedderburn have kicked the first two goals of the last quarter to lead 13.6 (84) to Wycheproof-Narreport’s 4.8 (32).

HOCKEY, 2.09pm: On the Boort Hockey Field, Wycheproof-Narraport has defeated Birchip-Watchem 5-1 in the underage final.

Eloise Gretgrix scored three goals for Wycheproof with Sarah Botheras and Breydon More got one each.

Janaya Grant scored Birchip’s only goal.

2.04pm: Seven unanswered goals in the third quarter to Wedderburn have given the Redbacks a 40-point lead.

Sam Johnston has five goals and Jesse Douglas and Luke Holt have two each for Wedderburn.

At three-quarter time it is the Redbacks 11.5 (71) to Wycheproof-Narreport 3.7 (25).

MCDFNL, 1.45pm: Carisbrook 5.1 (31) hold a narrow lead over Royal Park 3.5 (23) in the Maryborough-Castlemaine District Football League reserves grand final.

1.40pm: At half time in the reserves football grand final it is Wedderburn 4.3 (27) leading Wycheproof-Narreport 3.7 (25).

The Redbacks kicked three goals to one in the second term to take back the lead.

NETBALL, 1.38pm: Final siren in the A-grade netball. Wedderburn defeat Sea Lake Nandaly 47-42.

NETBALL, 1.36pm: The Redbacks have steadied to hold a 46-41 lead over Sea Lake Nandaly Tigers in the A-grade netball.

NETBALL, 1.31pm: It’s back to one goal in the A-grade netball. Wedderburn 41 lead the Tigers 40.

1.29pm: Wedderburn have the first goal of the second term in the reserves football final. 

The Redbacks 2.2 (14) are trailing Wycheproof-Narreport 2.7 (19)

LIVE VIDEO: Here’s the final quarter of the A-grade netball between Wedderburn and Sea Lake Nandaly Tigers.

NETBALL, 1.20pm: Wedderburn is leading the Sea Lake Nandaly Tigers 37-33 at third quarter time of the A-grade final.

Take a look at the third quarter action here: 

1.13pm: Quarter time in the reserves grand final. Wycheproof-Narreport 2.4 (16) lead Wedderburn 1.2 (8).

Danny Arnold and Luke Hoskin have goals for the Demons while Sam Johnston has kicked Wedderburn’s only major.

1pm: Wycheproof-Narreport has got away to a good start in the reserves grand final. The Demons lead Wedderburn 2.2 (14) to 0.1 (1).

MCDFNL. 12.55pm: The Maryborough-Castlemaine District FNL is also having its grand final day today.

The juniors have finished their football finals:

  • Under-17.5: Trentham 2.13.25 defeated Carisbrook 3.2 (20); 
  • Under-14.5: Trentham 12.11.83 defeated Navarre 2.4 (16);
  • Under-11.5: Carisbrook 2.3 (15) defeated Royal Park 2.1 (13).

​No word on any netball scores yet.

12.40pm: Siren in the under-16s grand final and St Arnaud cap an undefeated season off with a 54-point grand final win over Birchip-Watchem.

The final score was St Arnaud 14.8 (92) to the Bulls 6.2 (39).

It is the second grand final win for the day for the Saints with the under-13s needing extra time to defeat Birhcip-Watchem this morning.

Up next is the reserves grand final between Wedderburn and Wycheproof-Narreport.

12.24pm: Early in the final term of the under-16 football grand final sees St Arnaud holding a 46-point lead.

It’s the Saints 12.6 (78) leading Birchip-Watchem 5.2 (32).

NETBALL, 12.22pm: Wedderburn defeated Sea Lake Nandaly Tigers 28-25 to win the under-16A flag.

NETBALL, 12.14pm: Earlier this morning Donald won the under-13 grand final when it beat Wedderburn.

In the under-16B grand final Birchip-Watchem defeeated Wedderburn to claim the premiership.

11.52am: Half time in the under-16s sees St Arnaud 10.2 (62) to Birchip-Watchem’s 4.1 (25).

Earlier in the day the St Arnaud under-13s claimed the premiership over Birchip-Watchem.

In extra time the Saints won 5.7 (37) to Birchip-Watchem 4.6 (30).

11.04am: It’s a close game in the under-13 football grand final between St Arnaud and Birchip-Watchem.

Fourteen minutes gone in the last quarter and scores level.

EARLIER: Hello and welcome to the North Central Football Netball League grand final day. Good luck to all teams playing in grand finals today.

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