Irish show celebrates 10 years

For Tom Brosnan there is nothing more physically demanding that Irish dancing. 

The 27-year-old Englishman is a the principal lead dancer in celebrated stage production Rhythms of Ireland which arrives on the Ulumbarra stage in October.

“I have played just about every sport under the sun and nothing is as physically harsh as Irish dancing,” he said.

“In Ireland, you’re made to do it in school when you’re young and you learn just the basics. My mum was a dancer and took me along to a class when I seven. I’ve only ever done Irish dancing. 

“For a tour like this you have got to be so fit, even when you feel like you can’t pick up your legs up during the show, you just keep going.” 

Since turning professional at age 18, Brosnan has performed in a number of shows including the acclaimed Riverdance and on the West End.

Rhythms of Ireland began in 2007 with Brosnan joining the production in 2009.

“We can't wait to get on the road again. I haven’t done the show for a while, the last one was in 2013, so it has been a while and I am looking forward to it,” he said.

“My first tour (in 2009) was nine months long over Australia and New Zealand. Since then we have done 550 shows mostly in Australia.

“I think people like the mix of music and Irish dance. The synchronicity of it is something I don’t think you can see in too many other places in Australia.

“Irish dancing is so different from other styles. It doesn’t really mix in with anything and is kind of out there on its own. It’s  similar to tap if anything.”

This year’s Rhythms of Ireland tour is the 10th anniversary of its inception. Since 2007 more than two million people have seen the show.

It blends the ancient traditions of Irish dance and music with the innovative and flawlessly choreographed production values of contemporary Irish excellence.

“We have 14 dancers on this tour – eight girls and six boys,” Brosnan said.

“Most of the tours change dances but three quarters of us have done this tour before.”

Rhythms of Ireland is on at Ulumbarra on Thursday, October 26. Head to for tickets and information.