Snow forecast to fall in elevated parts of central Victoria

A September snow fall could be possible in parts of the region on Wednesday night and into Thursday morning

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast that a cold front crossing the state will bring snow to areas in central Victoria above 600 metres, down to 500 metres by the following morning.

This would take in Mount Macedon and such towns as Daylesford and Trentham.

There could be even more snow at the weekend.

“The snow event Wednesday night and Thursday will be the fourth time this September snow will have fallen to such low levels [in Victoria], which is pretty uncommon at this time of year,” senior meteorologist Peter Newham said.

“And yet another cold front’s expected to move across Victoria on Friday night and Saturday morning, once again bringing snow down to around 600 metres or so.”

Mr Newham said over the past 10 years or so, it had been unusual to have this many low-level snow events in September.

A warning has been issued to sheep graziers in parts of the North Central, Central, Wimmera, South West, West and South Gippsland forecast districts for cold temperatures and gusty westerly winds expected to develop on Wednesday afternoon.